Grow your hair and flaunt your hair!

March 13, 2012 15:12
Grow your hair and flaunt your hair!

Just gear up to grow your hair as much as you can, because it is a known fact that hair growth is more in Summer Season… apart from all the minimal care we take to protect our hair, here are some more tips, for that matter a tip, that is a scalp massage to just make us relax and to re grow our hair;

Regular massage on scalp is very important for improving hair growth; propermassage with mild coconut oil as well as almond oil is good for reducing hair fall. Coconut oil allows the brain to work quickly and provide moreenergy. It also helps in treating itchy scalp, dandruff problems.

Place the fingers of both hands on your forehead. They should meet one another at an imaginary center line of your forehead. Rest the thumbs on your temples; they will provide support.

Apply pressure. Make the pressure firm but light, as you press, then release.

Shift your fingers slightly further up your forehead nearer to the hairline and raise your thumbs with them. Repeat the press and release movement. At the top of your head, apply pressure to your head at the acupoint Governor Vessel 20. This is located about three quarters of the way on the top of your scalp.

Move down the back of your scalp now. Release the pressure from the acupoint Governor Vessel 20 and continue pressing down the center of your scalp line. As before, continue moving the fingers down in the same position, while moving the support thumbs down at the same time. Once you have reached the the base of your skull, return to the front. This time, position your hands about half an inch (1.27cm) either side of the mid-line of your head (in other words, this time your fingers won't be meeting but have a gap either side of the imaginary line across your forehead). Do the press and release movement as before in this new position, moving up and then down the scalp as before.

Just repeat the same, till the time you are completely relaxed. You can definitely feel the change that starts showing off in your daily routine, and the growth of your hair that would show off a major positive change in your beauty.

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