Dusseraka ‘Dhamaaka’

October 05, 2011 15:58
Dusseraka ‘Dhamaaka’

DussaraWaise, every festival we celebrate is a ‘Dhamaaka’. Be it ‘Ganesh Chathurthi’, ‘Sankrati’, ‘Diwali’ or ‘Dussera’. All these festivals bring fun, happiness and togetherness for us… and we also welcome all these festivals to bring a better change in our lives as well…

In short, festival refers to fun, building the better relation among our family, lots of yummy food and a complete makeover for our home. But, did we ever think it is a high time even we got a makeover done for us? When was the last time we have gone for a haircut, manicure, pedicure, and pampered our skin and face? Looks like, it has been ages.

There has to be an end for everything. So, put an end to your current look and transform yourself for a better;

You are planning for a festive makeover. So, be clear about it. Now, at this last moment you don’t start shopping to change your entire wardrobe. Keep your enthusiasm in your senses and only shop keeping the time in mind as well.

Do not even think of experimenting with your hair at this time. Just let it be the way it is. Of course, you can go for a hair massage or trim your hair a bit. Giving entire new look to your hair, if does not go well, can be a curse for your look.

I understand there are tailors who can stich your saree or dress within a day and hand over the same to you on the eve of festival. But do you think it is actually worth it to take a chance with your costly dress? So, instead of going for tailor made clothes at the last moment, readymade are a best option. You are also getting the readymade festive wear clothes at comparative reasonable prices. If you aspire to wear a saree, teaming up the same with the readymade blouse is also a better option.

Chose an easy and less time taking makeover. Even with your make up and the colors you are using for the highlights, do not experiment much. You can always go for shimmer make up that gives that ‘chamak’ and on your face. Just keep it natural and special yet.

Above all, it is necessary for you to be in the festive mood and enjoy each and every minute of shopping and your time in getting the makeover done. Only then, that happiness ads on to your beauty and makes you look more gorgeous.

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