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  • Gut microbes can increase your weight, how weight is increased by gut bacteria, gut bacteria can cause weight gain finds study, Weight gain

    Gut bacteria can cause weight gain, finds study 06 August 2015

    According to a recent study done by the researchers, it was revealed that gut bacteria may affect circadian rhythms and metabolism leading to weight gain in some people. Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioural changes that follow a roughly...

    Keywords: how gut bacteria affects body weight, how weight is increased by gut bacteria, Gut microbes can result in extra weight, how weight is increased by gut bacteria

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    good sleep, weight loss, simple ways to be healthy, Weight gain

    Simple ways to be healthy... 13 December 2012

    Being healthy is not so difficult... just as you should know the technique to solve a problem, no matter to what genre it is related, similarly, you should know some tips to be healthy... here are some to help you...

    Keywords: fitness, healthy diet, weight gain, iron

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    Lady Gaga, weight gain, lady gaga s resounding reply inspiration to fans, Weight gain

    Lady Gaga's resounding reply; inspiration to fans 28 September 2012

    Earlier a few days ago, the media had lashed at the weight gain of Lady Gaga. Celebrity news networks fed greedily on the news publicizing that Lady Gaga is not the slim star you knew anymore. Most other celebrities would...

    Keywords: Little Monster, Social networking site, weight gain, weight gain

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    lingonberries, body weight, black currants aids in weight loss, Weight gain

    Black currants aids in weight loss 28 January 2014

    Black currants, packed with vitamin C and micronutrients, has been known for its nutritional benefits. Now a new study has suggested that black currants, lingonberries and bilberries could aid in weight loss. However, research revealed that regular consumption of acai...

    Keywords: Black currants aids in weight loss, study on weight loss, vitamin C, lingonberries

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    ajay devgan, sonakshi sinha, sonakshi s weight gain a loss for her getting the offers, Weight gain

    Sonakshi’s weight gain... a loss for her getting the offers? 04 December 2012

    Sonakshi Sinha... the lucky charm for B-Town star heroes, Salman, Akshay and Ajay Devgan... could be con-incidental but maan ne ki baath ye hai ki all the films of these heroes turned out to be a super hit at the...

    Keywords: dabanng 2, son of sardar, sonakshi sinha, saif ali khan

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    More meals means less stored fat, the major causes of weight gain, how often should you eat, Weight gain

    How often should you eat? 05 September 2012

    Three meals a day or eight? TOI speaks to experts who seem to have contrary opinions. In our race to be the biggest loser, most of us go after different diets. The trusted and age-old three-meals-a-day concept works for some,...

    Keywords: More meals means less stored fat, Three meals a day, Eat six to eight meals a day,

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    weight loss, daily exercises, enjoy your work out, Weight gain

    Enjoy your work out 08 February 2013

    No doubt exercise has become a part of our daily routine now. But, routine is at times really very boring and stops us from continuing the same because of the boredom... here are 3 steps you can follow when you...

    Keywords: boredom, cardiac, exercises, boredom

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    weight gain, Dangal movie, people close to me were worried about my health aamir khan, Weight gain

    “People Close to me were Worried About my Health”- Aamir Khan 30 November 2016

    Everyone was shocked when pictures of Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan's drastic weight loss went viral on social media. Mr. Perfectionist who is all getting ready for his upcoming movie "Dangal" has lost 9.67 percent body fat for the role of...

    Keywords: Bollywood, Bollywood, health, weight gain

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    Reason for weight gain of breast cancer survivors, Reason for weight gain of breast cancer survivors, breast cancer survivors linked to weight gain finds study, Weight gain

    Breast cancer survivors linked to weight gain, finds study 15 July 2015

    In a new study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, researchers found that survivors of breast cancer with a family history of the disease gain more weight than similar women without cancer. The scientists compared 303 breast cancer survivors...

    Keywords: Breast cancer survivors linked to weight gain, why breast cancer woman gains more weight, why breast cancer woman gains more weight, why breast cancer woman gains more weight

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    kids weight gain, body system, reason behind your kid s weight gain, Weight gain

    Reason behind your kid's weight gain... 01 April 2013

    Want your kid to be healthy and active??? Want to know one of the major reasons for your kid's weight gain??? This is definitely less number of hours of sleep of your kid... Recently, in a survey done on 10...

    Keywords: cycling, sleep of your kid, good sleep, good night sleep

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    weight loss, weight loss, make your bone structure strong, Weight gain

    Make your bone structure strong... 10 December 2012

    A strong bone structure can make you live healthy and happy. but, the problem is, you don't have a bone structure that is 'strong'. not to worry, you can make your bones strong… all you need to follow is these...

    Keywords: bone structure, strong bones, bone health, calcium

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    weight loss during pregnancy, weight loss during pregnancy, is it normal to lose weight during pregnancy, Weight gain

    Is it normal to lose weight during pregnancy? 31 January 2014

    They say that pregnancy is directly proportional to weight gain. Well, if you are pregnant and losing weight fast instead of piling on any, worry not. To lose weight during pregnancy is as normal as gaining weight during this time....

    Keywords: lose weight during pregnancy, gynecologist, weight loss, baby’s growth

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    milk, calcium, super woman but are you healthy, Weight gain

    Super woman... but are you healthy? 15 December 2012

    Be a working woman or a home maker... Woman is known for managing and attending multiple things at a time... and as a result, we need extra care to be taken when it comes to our health... apart from following...

    Keywords: calcium, extra weight, calcium, extra weight

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    depression in women, weight gain, depression in women, Weight gain

    Depression in Women 04 January 2013

    Depression... the disease you can say that is more seen in we women... the situations each individual faces and reacts to it are definitely different. And women known to be sensitive by nature tend to get affected by this emotional...

    Keywords: pleasure, thoughts, interest, suffering

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    weight gain, milk, are you concerned about your health, Weight gain

    Are you concerned about your health? 02 January 2013

    In today's World of Multi tasking and Women being looked upon as better multi taskers, it is quite natural that We end up having the negative effects of multi tasking as well... and that is the diseases we will be...

    Keywords: vitamins, health tips, healthy diet, mantra for health

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    body pain, weight gain, knee pain get rid of it, Weight gain

    Knee pain? Get rid of it 03 January 2013

    At some point of time, almost all of us will experience Knee pain... as per the research, Knee pain is as complicated Back pain, leaving us in n number of problems, if not treated on time... here are some ways...

    Keywords: yoga, exercise, knee pain, bones and joints

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    positive thinking, muscle tension, stressed out watch out, Weight gain

    Stressed out? Watch out... 12 January 2013

    Of course, we human beings are designed by some super natural power in such a way, that we stand up for any negative situation, take stress, pressure and work over overcoming the same... happiness and tough times are very much...

    Keywords: sleep disturbances, tension, relaxation, muscle tension

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    weight gain, calories, burn your calories in a simple way, Weight gain

    Burn your calories in a simple way 02 March 2013

    Health is wealth... so true. But, you have to know what exercise would help you to reduce how many calories for you on an average of 50 kgs weight. Walking is no doubt the best exercise for all age groups...

    Keywords: average weight, burn your calories, weight loss, burn your calories

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    healthy food habits, worthiness of calories, significance of calories, Weight gain

    Significance of calories! 17 June 2013

    Experts explained while they emphasized on the fact that hot and crispy fried snacks, sweets, carbohydrates-rich food as well as others similar should be avoided if we want to keep a check on our weight, yet do provide calories to...

    Keywords: eating calories, carbohydrates-rich food, significance of calories, talwalkars national nutrition centre

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    belly fat linked to skipping meals, problems of skipping meals, skipping meals increases belly fat study revealed, Weight gain

    Skipping meals increases belly fat, study revealed 22 May 2015

    Zero size is one of the most desired figure for every women. But dieting is not the best and healthy way to achieve it. The researchers have found that skipping meals can ultimately result in abdominal weight gain. “This does support...

    Keywords: belly fat linked to skipping meals, belly fat linked to skipping meals, Meals skipping linked to abdominal weight gain, how to loose belly fat

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