Increase In Number Of Humans Suffering With FOBO

October 10, 2023 13:22
Increase In Number Of Humans Suffering With FOBO

FOBO-A Fear Of Becoming Obsolete.

This is the latest concern in most human beings as they are more worried about Artificial Intelligence (AI). There is a rise of AI usage in workplaces, which is a major concern over the rise of FOMO,’ Fear of Missing Out’. AI has become more efficient than human workers and has more potential. Multiple reports predict that several jobs are at the highest risk because of AI, which means humans will be replaced by AI.

FOMO is almost similar to FOBO. In simple terms, many people are worried about the development in AI technology and worried about their roles in professional fields.

According to Gallup, 22 per cent of US employees are worried about AI technology as it might make them obsolete. In the recent study, only in 2021, the number is raised by 7 per cent and this year there is a further upward, that is up to 13-17 per cent.

Goldman Sachs last month estimated that “generative AI could expose the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs to automation.” This is the actual concern.

Suggestions to overcome: Select your field, which needs an expansion and this will help you at times of job crisis. Look at the career development opportunities and try filling your CVs with necessary skill developments.

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