• Tattoo punctures on skin, Beware of Cancerous Tattoos, beware of cancerous tattoos, Spots

    Beware of Cancerous Tattoos 23 September 2013

    Trees grow on their own because of the Nature's provision for them.  But we grow them as per our need at the convenient place to facilitate our consumption which is called cultivation.   A spot on the skin serves no purpose...

    Keywords: Bradford University, beauty spots, Beware of Cancerous Tattoos, Tattoos ink cause cancer

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    ooty queen of hills, ooty spots, falling in love with nature, Spots

    Falling in love with nature 23 December 2012

    If there's any place in India where peace seemed to have made its home, it has to be "Queen of Hills stations," Ootacamund (Udakamandalam) or Ooty. Located 300 kilometres off Bangalore, Ooty lies in the midst of Nilgiri Mountains (meaning blue...

    Keywords: ooty hill station, ooty beauty, nilgiris ooty, ooty queen of hills

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    BSNL, BSNL, tirupati gets 5g wi fi hotspots, Spots

    Tirupati gets 5G Wi-Fi Hotspots 17 June 2016

    Tirupati Telecom District BSNL have launched 5G Wi-Fi Hotspots in Nine Locations. BSNL currently offers Wi-Fi hotspots in APSRTC complex, Renigunta airport, head post office, Bairagipatteda, Korlagunta and TTD admin. Building in Tirupati. It also provides hotspots in SITAMS College...

    Keywords: WiFi Hotspots, WiFi Hotspots, Tirupati, Tirupati

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    Coronavirus cases, Coronavirus cases, government identifies 170 coronavirus hotspots, Spots

    Government Identifies 170 Coronavirus Hotspots 16 April 2020

    Government Identifies 170 Coronavirus Hotspots:- The government of India identified 170 districts across the country as hotspots that have a number of positive cases of coronavirus. Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, MoHFW said that the affected regions are divided into two...

    Keywords: Coronavirus india news, Coronavirus deaths, Coronavirus india news, Coronavirus

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    Tourist places in AP, holiday spots in Andhra Pradesh, 5 serene getaways in telugu states, Spots

    5 serene getaways in Telugu states 25 April 2016

    Not Australia or America, if you can really believe, Telugu states do have several getaways and tourist places, one cannot afford to miss this Summer. Among several such places, let us know five of them now.    1. Warangal The...

    Keywords: Getaways in Telugu states, holiday spots in Andhra Pradesh, holiday spots in Andhra Pradesh, holiday spots in Andhra Pradesh

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    crazy lovemaking couples, strange lovemaking places, weird lovemaking spots that proved embarrassing, Spots

    Weird lovemaking spots that proved embarrassing 01 October 2013

    Most couples only fantasize about making passionate love in adventurous spots. And some others make it a point to experience lovemaking in weird places. Adventure is a finicky mistress that calls everyone but allows only a few to enjoy. These...

    Keywords: crazy lovemaking couples, strange lovemaking places, crazy lovemaking spots, crazy lovemaking spots

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    Best Remedies For Age Spots, Skin Problem, the top six home remedies for age spots, Spots

    The Top Six Home Remedies For Age Spots 09 November 2017

    The Top Six Home Remedies For Age Spots:- A common problem that occurs due to an excess production of melanin, or skin pigment are known as the age spots. They are also called as the liver spots or solar lentigines....

    Keywords: Home Remedies For Age Spots, Best Remedies For Age Spots, Skin Problem, Home Remedies For Age Spots

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    Homemade facials, tips to improve complexion, go bananas with homemade face masks, Spots

    Go bananas with homemade face masks 12 September 2013

    Fruits are the kings as far as health and beauty are concerned. They contribute rich nutrients when eaten or even applied. Applying fruit masks for a beautiful, instant glow is fool proof and health friendly. To make the most out...

    Keywords: Homemade facials, best fruits for natural face masks, Fruits as face packs, Homemade facials

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    Vanabhojanam programs at tourist spots, Karthika Vanabhojanams- Bhavani Dweepam, karthika vanabhojanams bhavani dweepam, Spots

    Karthika Vanabhojanams- Bhavani Dweepam 11 November 2013

    The month Karthika is meant for devotion and also for entertainment and social events.  Devotees take up devotional programs like fasting, regular pooja, lighting oil lamps, visiting temples etc. in the name of their favorite Gods.   In addition to...

    Keywords: Karthika Masam, Bhavani Dweepam Vijayawada, Karthika Vanabhojanams- Bhavani Dweepam, Vanabhojanam programs in Karthika masam

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    tips for face, dark spots, for a spot free face, Spots

    For a 'spot' free face! 26 November 2012

    There іs nо doubt that acne іѕ one оf thе moѕt common аnd irritating skin conditions. If you've hаddarkspots, уou knоw hоw uncomfortable and unattractive іt саn be It doesn't matter how young or оld yоu are. Acne саn affect...

    Keywords: face, dark spots, dark spots, brown sugar

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    Global Ease of Doing Business Index rank, Global Ease of Doing Business Index news, india jumps 23 spots in ease of doing business, Spots

    India Jumps 23 Spots In Ease Of Doing Business 01 November 2018

    India Jumps 23 Spots In Ease Of Doing Business:- India took a huge lead after it jumped 23 spots and secured 77th rank in the Global Ease of Doing Business Index as per the report from the World Bank. Indian...

    Keywords: India, India rank in ease of doing business, Global Ease of Doing Business Index ranks, Global Ease of Doing Business Index ranks

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    AP coronavirus, AP coronavirus green zones, 11 out of 13 ap districts are marked as coronavirus hotspots, Spots

    11 Out Of 13 AP Districts Are Marked As Coronavirus Hotspots 16 April 2020

    11 Out Of 13 AP Districts Are Marked As Coronavirus Hotspots:- The Union Health Ministry identified hotspots across the country and alerted all states to be extra cautious in these regions. 11 out of 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh are...

    Keywords: AP coronavirus latest, AP coronavirus cases, AP coronavirus, AP coronavirus red zones

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    Coronavirus red zones, Coronavirus latest, coronavirus outbreak one third of india is in red zone, Spots

    Coronavirus Outbreak: One-Third Of India Is In Red Zone 17 April 2020

    Coronavirus Outbreak: One-Third Of India Is In Red Zone:- The Centre already identified and announced 170 districts across the country as hotspots and the people across these regions are asked to stay strictly at their homes. As per the latest...

    Keywords: Coronavirus hot spots, Coronavirus in India, Coronavirus latest, Coronavirus hot spots

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    Mehrangarh Fort, Tukvar valley, honeymoon spots in india from oct to dec, Spots

    Honeymoon spots in India from Oct to Dec 08 October 2014

    Marital journey begins with honeymoon and if the couple enjoy their first visit, then their relationship will get little more stronger. As the Winter is approaching, we bring few honeymoon destinations in India that are needed to be looked at...

    Keywords: honeymoon destination, Mehrangarh Fort, Honeymoon, honeymoon destination

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    coronavirus hotspots located, coronavirus hotspots updates, telangana gets 100 coronavirus hotspots, Spots

    Telangana Gets 100 Coronavirus Hotspots 08 April 2020

    Telangana Gets 100 Coronavirus Hotspots:- The country witnessed a rapid rise in the number of coronavirus cases. The Health Department of Telangana declared 100 villages and regions in the state as hotspots and there is a huge restriction imposed in...

    Keywords: coronavirus hotspots, coronavirus hotspots latest news, Coronavirus, Coronavirus

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    NASA, Vikram Lander, nasa locates chandrayaan 2 s vikram lander, Spots

    NASA Locates Chandrayaan-2's Vikram Lander 03 December 2019

    NASA Locates Chandrayaan-2's Vikram Lander:- On Tuesday, NASA said that their satellite orbiting the moon found Vikram Lander which carried Chandrayaan-2 crashed on the lunar surface in September this year. NASA also released an image showing the impact site where...

    Keywords: ISRO, Vikram Lander, Vikram Lander updates, Vikram Lander news

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    AirTel internet, Wireless internet, 17 wi fi spots in hyderabad, Spots

    17 Wi-Fi spots in Hyderabad 11 October 2014

    The Telangana government free Wi-Fi facility in 17 locations spreading 8 km in Hyderabad on a pilot basis for 3 months with the help of leading telecom service provider AirTel.  With this Hyderabad joins global cities like Seoul, Los Angels,...

    Keywords: Wi-Fi spots, Free Wi-Fi spots, Madhapur, AirTel internet

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    Goa, Smriti Irani, smriti irani spots a spy camera, Spots

    Smriti irani spots a spy camera 04 April 2015

    At an apparel store in Goa, Smriti Irani, the union minister spotted a spy cam. Irani spotted this camera at the outside of the concerned shopping mall's trail room, when she went to the shop at the Fab India showroom...

    Keywords: Smriti Irani, Union Minister, Fab India, Fab India

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    wifi access, free internet, free wifi hotspots in bangalore, Spots

    Free WiFi Hotspots in Bangalore 19 March 2013

    India's IT capital Bangalore is going to get some highly desired features like free wireless internet at the popular places. The Mahatma Gandhi Road and Brigade Road which are the most frequented shopping destinations would be WiFi enabled soon with...

    Keywords: brigade road, information and communication technology, information and communication technology, free wifi

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    Ages You Early, Blackheads, facials good or bad for you, Spots

    Facials: Good Or Bad For You? 01 October 2012

    Most of the women start going for facials as soon as they enter their 20's. They do this due to multiple reasons. But, most importantly people vary in their opinions and experience about the goodness of facials. Some say that...

    Keywords: Facials, Spots, Damages Skin Cells, Blackheads

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