Why are Fatigue and Breathlessness the Most Common Coronavirus Symptoms

October 13, 2020 15:53
Why are Fatigue and Breathlessness the Most Common Coronavirus Symptoms

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Why are Fatigue and Breathlessness the Most Common Coronavirus Symptoms:- The coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll all over the world. Over 10 lakh people died in the world and the vaccine for coronavirus is yet to be found. The recovery from coronavirus completely depends on the severity of your condition and it can take a lot of time. Nearly 75% of the patients complain of prolonged signs and symptoms for weeks after they are tested negative with coronavirus. The recovered patients are complaining of breathlessness. A dip in oxygen saturation levels is a sign of alarm for coronavirus patients.

These people require critical support. Some of them after recovery are suffering with low oxygen saturation and breathlessness. As per the study by Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), people associated with breathing trouble are requiring assisted oxygen support for weeks to get back their balance. Some of the recovered patients too are rushing for hospitals for breath assistance or support. Fatigue and tiredness is also a symptom in recovered patients. Severe and frequent fatigue too can irritate the patients who recovered completely from coronavirus.

Coronavirus can also ruin the healthy cells in the body along with lungs. The researchers say that the respiratory system is badly impacted. Widespread inflammation caused by coronavirus will continue to unload the problems and it varies from person to person. The air quality levels, change in season and other factors matter. Coronavirus can also bring lot of complications and for those with pre-existing health issues, they should be completely careful. Respiration and breathing play a crucial game in coronavirus patients. One should practice breathing exercises and keep the body at rest.

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