Risks Behind Walking In Polluted Areas

November 06, 2023 19:49
Risks Behind Walking In Polluted Areas

Risks Behind Walking In Polluted Areas:- Many cities around the world are facing a high increase of pollution levels and exercise or walking in such polluted environments will leave you at risk.

Here are a few potential risks:

Exposure to Harmful Particles:

Particles such as smoke, dust, pollutants from industries and vehicle emissions will be directly exposed to the respiratory system, which might cause inflammation and damage to the system. These types of emissions can also lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Reduced Lung Function:

High concentrations of pollutants Nitrogen, dioxide, ozone and particulate matter are present in the polluted air. This can directly affect lung function. Regular exercise in the polluted air can lead to wheezes, coughing and also shortness of breath. Over the long run, this can reduce lung functionality.

Compromised Immune System:

High exposure to harmful substances and polluted air can also affect the immune system and not only the respiratory system. These can lead to some allergies and other health problems. Exposure to polluted air will make our respiratory system more vulnerable.

While staying physically active is important to stay healthy, walking or exercising or some physical activity in clean air is also important. Its better to choose indoor exercise by creating a healthier environment rather than going to polluted air, which will help our respiratory and immune systems in the long run.

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