Child care, an art?

October 03, 2011 13:04
Child care, an art?

ChaildCareNot every parent can succeed in taking care of their child and let him/her grow to be a well behaved, matured and responsible citizen. The growing crime rate, deaths and the suicides that are particularly high among the Youngsters are the result of improper brought up of the parents. It is not that I am complaining or something, but it is definitely the constant effort of the parents that yields positive in transforming your child a better individual.

This where the actual meaning of child care comes. The ideology of child care is no more limited to giving good food, clothes, good education and fulfilling their wants, instead inculcating the ethics and behavior that would make your child an individual, on whom the society would look up.

Now, this is what is called a ‘challenge of life’. When no two people are alike, how can you transform you child’s behavior to the best? Because even though he is born in your womb, you did not give birth to his thought process.

This task would even become difficult when both of you are working and your child is taken care by your parents, maid or at a care center.

If your parents are taking care of your child, then there is n number of chances of your child feeling lonely, because of the generation gap…

If he is at a care center, then there is an all-time risk of him being grown up with no proper surroundings or atmosphere.

And, it is very rare for a maid to be a mother, in many recent cases; they are a curse for your child.

It is only you, who can take a proper care of your child, for one reasons your child apart from being your responsibility is your Soul as well.

Here are some ideas that might help you is transforming your Child, a better citizen;

If it is necessary for both of you to work, it is better you being a mother and having more responsibility towards your child, either take up a part – time job, or any other job that is from work from home. This way you can monitor your child’s activities and guide him towards being better. As far as your career is concerned, you have to always prioritize certain things, if you prioritize your family. 

You also know that mistakes are bound to happen and these are even more common in children. If you lose your patience and yell at your child for the smallest mistake done by him, then there are very much chances he might hide the biggest mistake done by him, from telling you. So, first you differentiate how to react to what situation. Have patience. For this you concentrate on your eating and life style habits first. Once you are perfect, then you can inculcate the same to your child as well.

This is life and not a rule list. Before warning your child from doing or not doing anything, asking him to get good marks in the exams, keeping his things and room clean, being responsible and wise towards spending money, you should explain the reason for you asking him to do or not to do all these things. This way, he would understand and respect you and also the rapport between you and your child would build for the best.

End of the day, it’s his life. So monitor but don’t impose your thoughts on your child. Want he wants to study, his aim towards life, should be his decision. You should guide him to take a correct decision.

Never ever criticize or compare your child with others, in front of him or when you are in a public gathering. The more you respect his individuality, the more he would respect you and your emotions.

Even you are discussing something; never give statements of any situation as correct or wrong. Just explain the consequences of either sides and leave the end result to analyze the situation on your child himself. This way he would learn analyzing the situations that is essential for him to lead a better life.

All these, and infinity of ideas you should inculcate in bringing up your child and increasing the bonding between you and him, put together would make, ‘Child care, an art’!

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