Losing weight the lazy way

July 26, 2013 18:54
Losing weight the lazy way

Not able to get up and go through the routine of exercising. Sweat not. There are some easy breezy ways to keep your weight in check. These are especially designed for the lazy couch potatoes who can't keep up with their work outs.

Having breakfast without fail is a proven step to keep the hunger pangs at bay. When the food intake is steady and timely, the body also responds with continued energy over time. Skipping breakfast will make you binge at lunch, making you lazier still.

It has been found that having multivitamin tablets keep hunger under control. Taking a multivitamin supplement everyday actually supports weight loss, according to research.

For the really really lazy ones, cutting down on their food intake is easier when they drink water before meals. Having water or fibrous fruits fills up the stomach at no expense of extra calories. Fruits also contain water, which is a double bonanza. Now, no excuses about not liking fruits. Losing weight in the lazy way also needs a few compromises.

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