Staying awake when you absolutely can't

August 22, 2013 19:55
Staying awake when you absolutely can't

Working long hours after a late night can be a big pain. While we advise you get enough sleep, there are a few quirky ways to keep alert in case you have an important day ahead of an unavoidable party night.

First and foremost, get a dose of light from the Sun. Experts say, exposure to sunlight wakes you up fast. If you're one of those graveyard workers, then splash ice cold water on your face. That should do the trick.

One quick way to perk up is sniffing a particularly pungent odor. Think of petrol or paint. Get the point? Strong odors have an immediate effect on a drowsy mind.

Listening to peppy numbers on the headphones never fail to have the desired effect. If your workplace allows it, get going with a few energetic tunes to brighten up your day.

Chewing on gum or munching something constantly will keep you alert through the all important presentation. Just make sure no one catches you while you're at it.

Improve blood circulation by stretching, walking or rolling you neck and shoulders. However, it is important not to look like a dork among nerds.

Stay away from caffeinated drinks. Rather, opt for hydration with good old water. Continuous sipping of water is known to keep the winks away.

It is not so hard when you put your mind to it. Have fun at work!

(AW: Sruthi)

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