Under pressure? Practice these cool tips

September 03, 2013 18:04
Under pressure? Practice these cool tips

All of us agree with the fact that we take the most productive decisions with a cool mind. Under pressure, an individual tends to dramaticize the proceedings and take a decision fuelled by anger and frustration. How many time have you let your emotions run away with you?

To keep the peace, here are a few pointers to calm yourself down. First and foremost, remind yourself that the present events are not the end of the world. It is so easy to make a mountain out of an anthill. Refrain from overly dwelling on what is probably not that important.

Say aloud, "it's not a big deal."

Secondly, allow yourself to cool your heels before telling the whole world about your grievances. It is not advisable to share the problem with 'so-called' friends in any organization, when all they do is use it against you when the opportunity arises. Well meant but hurtful comments may further frustrate you.

Think, "this too shall pass."

Next, think of the problem in several parts. Divide the issue into sections and tackle each one with careful thought. If you face trouble with that, imagine a pleasant and calming place that you know of. Better still, imagine a calm person that you know, someone who never loses his cool and try to guess what that person would do in the same situation.

Imagine, "one problem has many solutions."

Set your surroundings in a way that promotes serenity. As you become familiar with it, the mind is accustomed to remain calm. Soothing music and scented candles in the background may also help. If this proves too troublesome for you, go back to visualizing your most favorite situation. As you know what triggers your emotions and what calms them, you can try to repeat the pattern.

Look up, "take a deep breath."

Calming yourself down works best when you have a lifestyle that supports it. You can take yoga classes or practice laughter therapy and meditation on a regular basis. When you keep a healthy body with sufficient diet and exercise, most anxieties simply melt away. If nothing works, take a load off, put up your feet and ruminate over the issue while on a break.

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