Protecting Kids from Cyber Threats

January 07, 2015 19:18
Protecting Kids from Cyber Threats

Cyber crimes are rapidly increasing all over the world but the main concern is, children are also on the victims side. Children needed special care from offline and online wrongdoers and parents should step up in taking the responsibility.  Children who are quite low in academics might be more attracted to the web space which will make them fall in the pray of predators.

Here the precautions that parents should do to protect their kids:

Away from Strangers: Tell your kids to stay away from unknown persons. Have a talk with your kids, how strange lure them when kids are not being guided properly.

Ignore new friends: In social media platforms, friend requests from strange people is most common. Tell your kids to accept requests from those whom they knew and are constantly in touch. Making friends in social media is something which is resulting in dire consequences.

No Personal info: Sharing of personal information is a major threat. Uploading pictures, sharing information such as place where we live, schools and colleges cannot be given to a third person. If the information is passed, your children can be easily traced.

Educating: This is the most important part. Educating yourself at the same time educating your children will bring the differences. Talk to your kids openly and be a broad minded parent. Never let them down, encourage them and even if they do wrong, instead of reacting quickly, try to pacify them and explain the reason who the wrong should be corrected.

Limiting night hours: While we will sleeping, children tend to open internet and see what's going on. A parent should make internet available to children but at the same time they should limit the access of web. Most of the route to threat happen during nights and so kids should limited or make internet unavailable to them in the nights.

Other than these, Parents should keep on eye on their kids' social life. Try to be friends with them in social media platforms too. Ignore if they are partying around with friends and watching movie, but follow them throughout and make sure he is on the safer side.


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