Money or Relationship… what rules more!

March 01, 2012 12:17
Money or Relationship… what rules more!

Day in and day out, we talk about relationships and how trust, love and togetherness plays a important role in building and sustaining a affective relationship… in this scenario, we also say, money comes in the least priority in maintaining the relationship.

But, the fact is at times, money takes a major reason for a healthy relationship, be it a friendship of years together or even in the marital relationship, ruins the ‘love’ in the same…

Okay, let’s leave everything and talk about a situation where we have borrowed money from the best of our friends at our work place. We might have not been able to re pay the amount within the promised time… and we might also have observed the change in the behavior of our ‘friend’ from whom we have borrowed money… the simple way to find out their perspective towards you have been changed is ‘they are friends with some other and no more share that rapport with you’… to know more about this, read further;

See what one blogger shares and thinks about loaning money to family or friends. Find out why it may not be such a good idea.

When a family member needs a cosigner on a loan, find out whether it is really a good idea if you are the extra party to the loan.

If you are in the position of needing money, look here before you ask your family. There are some things you need to take into consideration before getting into that sort of agreement with your family or friends.

This is a very delicate situation. Some families have been torn apart by lending money out. Take time to read this and see whether it is really a good idea or not.

Get a few tips on why mixing your business money and family is not a good idea.

Relationships have been severed when doing so.

Learn a few ways to handle those family members who may be constantly asking you for money. Get ideas on how to tell them no without hurting the relationship.

Discover how to deal with someone in your family asking for money. Find an easier way to handle the requests and still keep your relationship in tact.

See what one blogger says about lending money to your friends. Find out why they say the answer should always be No.

When others are in a tight money bind, you could lend them money. Often this leads to strained or even severed relationships. Find seven ways here to help them without hurting your relationships.

Should you lend your boyfriend/girlfriend money? Find out here what one blogger says about this delicate subject.

See how one blogger feels about lending money to your family. Some say there is not a problem while others advise against it.

Learn when it is okay to lend money to family and friends. Some people say it is never okay while some do it every day.

If you are considering cosigning a loan with a family member or a friend read this first. Find out here what you need to know before signing those papers.

Find out why some advisers say that borrowing money from friends is a bad idea. You should not lend money to friends or family in most cases.

I suppose the above mentioned suggestions can catered by you about the pros and cons of borrowing, lending and not borrowing or lending money from either your colleague at work place or even with your loved ones…

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