Plans for ‘eloping’? wait a moment!

February 29, 2012 11:55
Plans for ‘eloping’? wait a moment!

Had to be a witness for my friend’s marriage yesterday… they both eloped from their respective homes, did not informed their parents about their marriage, got married and flew to the place where the groom is working. And for all these they say, ‘we have been waiting for 2 long years for our parent’s approval. We had no other choice’…

Well, I am not here to judge what is right or wrong… but just view this aspect of ‘eloping’ from the third person point of view…

Many family members are sympathetic to couples who elope and will eventually come round to the idea of the elopement, given time. But not all family members are quite so gracious. Parents in particular often find it difficult to overcome the hurt of discovering that their children have run off to get married without so much as an invitation to the wedding. Rather than diminishing, the hurt caused by a couple's elopement can turn into deep, long lasting disapproval once the newlyweds return home. Was the bride to blame for keeping her husband away from his parents? Why would the groom deny a father his right to walk his daughter down the aisle? These are just some of the thoughts that will running through the minds of family members who disapprove of the elopement and the subsequent marriage. Some couples who elope never quite meet with the approval of their family members, even after several years of marriage.

Eloping might seem like the easy solution for a couple in love, but it can create just as many problems as it solves. Marrying in haste without the presence of family and friends can lead to regret later on as unfulfilled wedding dreams become a reality, not just for the bride and groom, but also for the family of the couple, who feel cheated out of being at the wedding. Moreover, eloping often meets with family disapproval that is hard to overcome.

Apart from all the above, eloping might not have positive affects to a major extent… from who you are running? From those who have given birth to you and are the reason today for whatever you are? From the society?From your loved ones?From who?

It is definitely your choice to get married to a person whom you want to, but just let the World know about your choice as well. be bold enough to let even your elders know that at any cost you want to get married to your choice… if you feel, this aggressive nature of your’s would hurt your parents, then you getting married, not letting them know that you are getting married, this kills them…

Think and act!

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