Why ‘no’ to pre marital sex?

February 22, 2012 11:47
Why ‘no’ to pre marital sex?

I am no one to judge what is ethical or un ethical, neither would vote for following our age old traditions, nor would believe in living in a shell… just a thought that why people are so very against about the aspect of ‘Pre marital’ sex and why some are so up for the same… let us un learn what all we have learnt till date and try talking about the other side of ‘pre marital’ sex;

Premarital sex experience benefits us both physically and psychologically–conducive to health, because of the urgent need, not towed until adulthood. According to psychological studies, it shows that when the organs of our body become mature because of hormone secretion. Psychologically, people will, accordingly with the changes, have sexual desire, which is normal. If the desire cannot be satisfied, it will affect people’s work, learning, and life.

However, it varies according to the different people – some are very strong, and some are very weak. When people are with a strong desire, the so-called “sexual energy”, they can temporarily alleviate the sexual energy produced by having sex, which can give them a happy feeling, and a sense of achievement.

let us try to accept certain known facts about the pros and corns of pre marital sex;

Many men and women do not want to marry a person who has had intercourse with someone else.

Those who have premarital sex tend to have less happy marriages.

Those who have premarital sex are more likely to have their marriage end in divorce.

Persons and couples who have had premarital sex are more likely to have extramarital affairs as well.

Having premarital sex may fool you into marrying a person who is not right for you.

They are likely to be less satisfied overall with their sex life during marriage.

Poor premarital sexual habits can be carried over to spoil sex in marriage.

Guilt may push a couple into a bad marriage.

Premarital sex robs a couple of "sexual cement."

However, it is totally up to you to design where your life should go and what are the limitations of your life!

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