5 Ideas For Using Your Space Effectively

August 31, 2010 10:13
5 Ideas For Using Your Space Effectively

1.ADD-A-ROD. Looking for extra storage space in your closet. If you have the type of closet with two+ walls for hanging clothes, on one wall hang a rod at head height for long clothing (dresses, pants, etc.). On the other wall, hang two rods--one above the other--for shorter clothing.

2.INSTALL SHELVES. Most shelves can be moved up-a-notch or down-a-notch. If you have three inches of space above your linens, you may consider adjusting the shelf so the shelf below  has more space. Or, perhaps you can add another shelf in between. 

3.ROTATE. You may have many items you love in your home but not enough space. Rotate them. In other words, keep some things in storage for a month or two and display some of your things. Then, once that time is up, make the switch. The items on display go into storage; the items in storage go on display. What a neat idea!

4.KEEP YOUR DESK CLEAR. A clear desk is directly related to your productivity. Full-suspension filing cabinet is a must for any home or office. Portable file boxes that hold hanging file folders also come in handy. There are plenty of storage choices for CD-roms and diskettes. Desk supplies belong in an on-the-desk caddy or in trays inside your desk.

5.PUT FREQUENTLY USED ITEMS WITHIN ARMS REACH.  Whenever possible, store regularly used items where you use them most.  Store linens in the bedroom. Store videos near the television. If you use the scissors in the office area and in the sewing room, have two pairs of scissors, one in each room. 

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