Sharing Your Space With Another

September 03, 2012 13:28
Sharing Your Space With Another

The key indicator that a relationship is going to another level is when the couple decides to move in together. This marks a start of a life together, where they cohabitate and learn to function as a unit instead of the individuals they once were. Sharing your space with another person can be the true test of whether a relationship will last, and for someone who is used to independence it can be a will-testing task. People often run blindly into the situation, not taking the time to consider the changes that will occur, and find themselves quickly looking to run to the nearest escape. While the situation will take time and effort to get used to, ultimately living with the person you love can be one of the best feelings in the world. If you consider more than just moving vans and furniture arrangement you can make reasonable expectations and succeed at having a healthy shared-living relationship.

If your loved one is moving into your home or apartment, it may be hard to want to change certain things about your home or lifestyle. Be open minded to how you would feel moving into their home, and consider that each time you feel uncomfortable about a change. Even the arrangement of furniture needs to be agreed on, because both people need to feel a part of themselves in their environment. The best approach to dealing with any hesitations or discomfort you might have about the new arrangements is to first reason with yourself and try to understand logically why you are reacting the way you are. Communication is also essential to cohabitation, but needs to be done in a non-attacking way. An expression of your own feelings as opposed to blame and displacement can help the other person to hear your message, and be able to help to find solution to the problem. Decide beforehand how to best manage conflict, and it will be easier to work through as it comes.

One of the biggest conflicts between couples that live together is the issue of money. Hammering out all the responsibilities and splitting them up accordingly will help understand where each of you is coming from. Understanding with each other that it will be a team effort from here on out and preparing for any unexpected events is the best planning to do when moving in with someone. Once the expectations are laid out, it should be easy to understand and communicate through any problems that arise.

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