Why Breastfeeding women have more romantic drive?

April 07, 2015 21:21
Why Breastfeeding women have more romantic drive?

US researchers revealed the reason why breastfeeding women are more proactive in romance than others. The study by Michelle Escasa-Dorne of the University of Colorado stated that new mothers spend more time in the bedroom with the partners in the first weeks after giving birth to a child than their pre-pregnancy.

Previous studies on western societies stated that women tend to spend more time with their offspring’s than their partners which leads to lower relationship satisfaction and less intercourse between partners. Escasa-Dorne set out to understand if similar trends are also found among women in a non-Western population with a low divorce rate.

The study was conducted on 260 females aged between 18 and 35 from the Manila, Philippines capital, of whom 155 were breastfeeding. They were asked about their romance lives, menstrual cycles and their relationship satisfaction levels.

Researchers found that, although the breastfeeding women may not be sexually proactive, she may respond favorably when her partner initiates sexual activity. It was also conclude that breastfeeding women who have already resumed their menstrual period are more proactive when compared to others. This suggests that, after pregnancy women will have higher sex drive than pre-pregnancy.

"Maintaining the relationship may be important if one's current partner is beneficial to the partnership and to the tasks of parenting," said Michelle Escasa-Dorne from University of Colorado in the US. "The postpartum sexual increase may be a means of continuing investment in a satisfactory, successful relationship in which future children can be successfully reared," she noted. The study appears in Springer's journal Human Nature.

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