Surprising Symptoms Of Women During Menopause

November 02, 2021 18:58
Surprising Symptoms Of Women During Menopause

Surprising Symptoms Of Women During Menopause:- Several physical changes or transitions take place in a human body and women undergo several changes after marriage and pregnancy. Some changes like menstrual cycles or menopause are natural and they come with a lot of challenges and they vary between person to person. Menopause is accompanied by hot flashes, vaginal dryness and swings in the mood. But most of them are not aware about some of the symptoms that have an impact on the mouth. Here, they are:

Menopause happens after the estrogen levels dip down and can lead to chills, sleeping problems, night sweats. They also result in weight loss or gain. Menopause leads to a burning in the tongue and women come to a feeling like their mouth gets scalded. This can be felt on the mouth's roof. Always visit a dentist when you feel such irritations in the mouth. Some of them can also experience a change in the tastes ranging from bitter to metallic flavours. This will also effect the low zinc levels. It is always recommended to eat foods that are rich in zinc such as shellfish, seeds, nuts and quality meat.

One more issue is dry mouth as the estrogen affects the production of saliva. Some of them experience dry mouth after Menopause kicks in. Always keep hydrated by taking lots of water. Chewing gums can also help as they trigger the production of saliva. Menopause also leads to gum disease in the mouth and loss of teeth. Some of them have been facing issues related to gum bleeding. Stay hydrated and pay regular visits to the dentists to prevent such issues.

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