Woman's Journey from First Menstruation to Menopause

December 25, 2013 15:53
Woman's Journey from First Menstruation to Menopause

A woman has a different biological system from men to make them eligible for motherhood.  A woman's fertility starts from first menstruation till menopause. It is normally limited to 40 years but the motherhood goes beyond it. 

Motherhood makes a woman think in a different way.  She becomes conscious of the health of her children and family members but does not limit to herself. Most of the children like to stay with mother than with father as mother takes good care of them.

The way a child transforms into a woman and gets fitness to bear children the same way a woman also gets a transformation again from fertility to infertility.  But it is not the end for her motherhood.  She likes to look after her children how big they may be.

The way first menstruation is a transition, menopause also is a transition for women which shows symptoms first before it fully settles. Previously till 1950 the problems related to the menopause were taken as something to bear it. But later medical remedial measures have been found out to soothe uneasy symptoms.

A woman is a woman mentally outside the range of physical womanhood between the start of the menstrual periods to menopause.   Even from the childhood the tender heart and concern for others can be seen in woman.


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