Be a best friend for your kid

April 09, 2013 11:20
Be a best friend for your kid

A mother's role in shaping up the kid to be a best individual, possessing right behavior and thought process at the right time is considered to be most important.

But in the name of discipline, we are just imposing rules on kids on how to behave, what to wear and eat and what not, without understanding or even bothering to know their heart...

More than parents, we need to be the best friend of our kid for our kid to be the best individual.

Mistakes are a part and parcel of our life, so as the failures, just like we learn from our every mistake and failure, so will our kids. Not need to panic and create a scene if our kid is not doing well in studies, comparatively possessing less interest in learning something and constantly making mistakes. Please understand our kids have learnt basic behavioral traits, habits and of course, speaking the mother tongue by their own after making mistakes, with our support, similarly might be after a series of mistakes or failures, but they will definitely learn the subjects in their syllabus and plan to study well, provided they don't need comparisons or pressure from us but support and a pat on their back at all times.

If your kid is not able to do well in either studies or an extracurricular activity, it could as simple as your kid not mingling up with the other kids or elders in the family, you need to find out what is stopping them to do so, by being their best friend. It is up to us how we create a relation and harmony with kids, rather than inculcating a sense of fear in them on us.

Just remember, even if your kid does a biggest mistake, then treat the seriousness of the mistake and please don't consider your kid to be bad. Explain the affect and the intensity of the mistake done by your kid and why it is not right. Let your kid come towards and tell both his good deeds and mistakes done on that day. You just be a judge in analyzing the effects of both the behavioral traits of your kid. Create an atmosphere where your kid can think what is good and what is not, take the right decision on their own...

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