‘Dispute’ with your Partner or Family? Time to think

March 12, 2012 13:08
‘Dispute’ with your Partner or Family? Time to think

If we believe we are human beings with lot of emotions put together then there are all the possibilities of you ending up with an dis agreement, argument, mis understanding and even in a dispute with your loved ones and people around you, whom you expect to understand you in person. Well, if you are in a thought that a dis agreement with your loved one should not lead to an dispute, then here are the major issues that can lead to any dispute with your partner or a person close to your heart… try looking into the same, apply them to the situation you are in and try finding out the ways to build your relationship with those you don’t want to let out from your life;

When you feel misunderstood or you are being taken advantage of in your relationship.

Your partner dominates you at all the time.

If you feel that whatever you say is misinterpreted and not taken as you meant it.

You find yourself weak and impotent while confront your partner.

You suspect character or moral of your partner, knowingly or unknowingly or vice versa.

Aversion that built up in you to have sexual relations with your partner.

You have a fear that your significant other is being disloyal, deceptive or misleading you.

Either your partner or you or both of you find jealous, malice, hatred or envy for each other.

Certain pressure or obligation makes you speechless before your partner.

It seems like you have made bad choices in relationships and now it has developed disgust feeling about partner's habits.

You find your wavelength cannot be tuned to your partner's.

You find yourself weak in communication and often get the wrong impression when you try to communicate with your partner or colleague

You find your relations are worsened and surplus of fighting over the period.

If all these are dominating your mind and despite of the constant efforts of you to work the relationship, nothing is being moved forward and on top of all these, you need to let go your personality and each and every thought of yours to keep up the relationship, then it is better to quit the relationship rather than being un happy with the same!

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