Why do they come in our mind?

December 08, 2011 21:25
Why do they come in our mind?

We assume to be perfectly alright, our thought process to be correct and our life style to be the best. But, still we lose confidence at times, assume or predict our near future to be the worst, fear of not meeting the deadlines and all these thoughts rule our mind to such an extent that we end up living in insane. These thoughts have to be categorized as ‘Negative Thoughts’.

In and out every day, there would be a situation that you are handling and in the process of solving the same your mind thinks in different jorners, you would also think negative and later realize ‘why am I thinking negative about the situation’? This question itself is a basic symbol of negative thoughts.

You and I come across many people, who hesitate to take a risk, be it in their professional or personal life, try to be in their safe zone, not keen in welcoming challenges and when asked they have their own set of answer, ‘this is not practically possible’. Dear, this is not practical, but negative thinking;

You being alert while driving a vehicle or crossing a road is being practical. With the fear of any accidents happening, you stop going out completely is for sure a negative thought.

Right from now, you planning a retirement and investing some amount of your earnings is being practical. But, with the fear of losing all the support at old age, you not living your present life, killing the basic desires and saving amount considered to be a negative thinking.

Not reacting to the smallest situation at work place or handling the same wisely is being practical. With the fear of losing the Job, bearing all the humiliation or working more than you are supposed to, is a negative thought.

If I go on stating the examples, this Article would never come to a conclusion. Now, that we have understood the basic difference between negative thinking and being practical, let’s know how to show an exit gate to negative thinking;

It is easy to be positive when everything is going well. The challenge is how you face the problematic situations. Just tell yourself as many times as you can, you are positive, true and can handle the difficult of situation.

Let us not let others rule our life or mind. When anyone related to you even bother you, it is up to you if you should give importance to those or not. So, let the work and life go on.

Every fraction of second that has gone would never return back. So, it is essential to live every second of your life at the same time plan for tomorrow to always be good. now, this is called a proper positive thought.

It is better to inculcate as much as confidence as you can and not seeing the issues to be very serious or horrifying. So what if you lose your job? So what you relationship does not work? So what if you have to wait for some more years to settle down in life? So what if people around you do not like you and want to change according to them? This is not the end of life. You get up, experience the success, fall down at times and again learn to get up. This is the simple funda of life. So, don’t complicate the same and let all those negative thoughts let rule your mind.

Be cool, be positive and always be wise, only then we will be happy!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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