Woman, Live like a Prime Minister

July 04, 2011 13:32
Woman, Live like a Prime Minister

WomenwisheshIn recent news coverage, the entire Media has highlighted the rigorous working schedule of our Prime Minister. The 70+ year’s old Man works for 18 Hours a day. This could be publicity Stunt or just another creation for Hype. But, on contrary, this is one such piece of information that would definitely make us think. After knowing this information, I have had a share of my thoughts with many other women I know.

I asked them, ‘if given a chance, would you work for 18 Hours’? Some said it is impossible, some are in an opinion that if required one should work, irrespective of the Hour Count, and some gave their own diplomatic answers. But, one opinion that changed my mind set, was that of a Soft Skills Trainer, in a Leading MNC, Mrs. Deepthi. She said, ‘Our Prime Minister should be definitely applauded for his work and dedication, irrespective of his age. But, I have come across so many other people who work for more than 18 hours.

I am sure, even you have come across. But, you tend to ignore this many times. best example to quote with; many Home makers who live in a Joint family, many married – working women, who manage their family, kids, Husband, home, offices, in – laws, and yet be successful both, in professional and personal life. It is not that I am exaggerating, but, there have been many instances where I had to work for some 16 hours a day, for some period of time. My son, who is 24 yrs old, works for 18 – 20 Hours a day. When you are working out of passion and aim, time should not be a matter at all’. This thought process came from a women, who is career oriented, but, at the same time does not neglect her family, her life and in a 24 hours schedule, manages every responsibility, and gives time for herself too.

Earlier, when my manager used to ask me to stay back, and do some extra work, I start thinking about what reason to tell in order to escape the work. Even I work one extra Hour, I used to feel, I am the only person who does so much of hard work. But, after meeting so many people, my thought process has actually changed. I started feeling that, ‘life is all about working for an aim, proving your ability in any chosen stream, being inspirational to yourself and to your loved ones, yet taking out time for yourself, and most important accepting the responsibilities and working for achieving them, instead of running from them.

I do not know whether the news coverage on the working ability of Prime Minister, has motivated him to work more or not, but, this incidence has motivated me to understand the importance of the time. Hope, the same would happened to you, being a women, after reading my experiences, quoted.

You might be a Home Maker, or a Working Woman, or a newly wedded bride or a girl to be married, or a teenager, going for a college, if you really start looking around and think of doing something meaningful, in a given life, then opportunities would definitely come your way.

And every one will be a Prime Minister for their own life.

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