• husbands complain that their wives, Your Approach, what makes a housewife frustrated, Your work

    What Makes A Housewife Frustrated? 09 October 2012

    Many husbands complain that their wives are making their lives hell. There is no reason to believe that they love doing so. There must be some definite reasons behind this weird behaviour. And moreover wives do not intend to creates...

    Keywords: Your Work, husbands complain that their wives, Your Approach, making their lives hell

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    weight loss, exercises, enjoy your work out, Your work

    Enjoy your work out 08 February 2013

    No doubt exercise has become a part of our daily routine now. But, routine is at times really very boring and stops us from continuing the same because of the boredom... here are 3 steps you can follow when you...

    Keywords: healthy tips, weight gain, daily exercises, walking

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    Ownership Of Responsibilities, Ownership Of Responsibilities, delete miss in communication, Your work

    Delete ‘miss’ in communication! 20 February 2012

    Most frequently, be your work life or even your personal life, it gets screwed up when we fail to understand the real perspective of the other person. And the result is that miss communication that is a cause of all...

    Keywords: real perspective of other person, issue or problem, Ownership Of Responsibilities, real perspective of other person

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    job work, daily work, a technique for a complete day, Your work

    a technique for a 'complete' day... 03 December 2012

    Is your work incomplete by the end of every day? Does this make you yourself feel incomplete? Why living in this state of mind? Here are some quick tips, that could help you plan your day, right; Sounds childish, but...

    Keywords: finish your work, daily work, techniques of work, computer useage

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    Organization Tips, Organization Tips, few tips to organize your work space and stay productive, Your work

    Few Tips To Organize Your Work Space And Stay Productive 13 July 2017

    Few Tips To Organize Your Work Space And Stay Productive:- Your personal productivity is affected by the general condition of your living environment Working in a clustered and messy environment has the ability to keep you distracted and in most...

    Keywords: Organization Tips At Work, Work Space, Organization Tips, Organization Tips At Work

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    , Secrecy at work place better your life, secrecy at work place for your better life, Your work

    Secrecy at work place for your better life... 13 June 2012

    Of course, we are street smart, but our boss is smarter to capture what are we as a person and how far our personality trait would prove to maintain peace in the work place... in this regard, many bosses want...

    Keywords: maintain secrecy at work place, immature child, your work life will be better, really want professional job

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    Telangana, Telangana, naidu better you do your work kcr, Your work

    Naidu, better you do your work - KCR 28 April 2015

    TRS party formation celebrations were held grandly at Secunderabad on Monday and KCR speech was the highlight of the day.Telangana Chief Minister KCR reminded about the TRS government's development programs in the new state from the past 10 months. It...

    Keywords: SLBC, Chandrababu Naidu, SLBC, AP

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