NASA reveals ‘a major science finding’ on Monday

September 26, 2015 16:09
NASA reveals ‘a major science finding’ on Monday

“The details of the “major science finding”, will be shared on Monday,” NASA made an announcement.

Regarding this, NASA listed a group of participants, who participate in a “brief question-and-answer session”.

After the announcement from the space agency, there are a few speculations, which stated that, NASA might be announcing, regarding the evidence it had, about the water on Mars.
Lujendra Ojha is a graduate and PhD candidate in planetary science at Georgia Tech and he was an undergraduate at Arizona university.
At the age of 21, Ojha, a Nepal native co-authored a study, which suggested that, on Mars, the water flowed during the warmer months.
A report in the past proved that, Ojha used a computer algorithm to remove the visual distortions from Mars satellite images, and notices slim snaky features, which moved over time. But on the overall, Ojha guessed that, there might be water on the Mars.

Speaking in an interview, Ojha said, “I can guess that, there is water, if that is clarified, then, we should know about the possibilities of life, in these kinds of surroundings.

Scientists agree that there is water on Mars

Most of the scientists agree with Ojha argument stating that, there is water on the Mars. But they are still working on the concept of what might be the facts behind the water mystery.    
However, NASA has said it plans to send humans to the next planet over by 2030. May be the suspense which NASA told that it would reveal on Monday, might be regarding a significant detail in its ongoing mission to Mars.

For pictorial representation of NASA, click on the link NASA major science finding

By Phani Ch

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