Study Says That The Moon Was Formed In Few Hours

October 08, 2022 19:31
Study Says That The Moon Was Formed In Few Hours

Study Says That The Moon Was Formed In Few Hours:- The scientists said that the moon was formed from the debris that is set into the outer space after a cataclysmic collision between Mars and Earth. This incident took place 4.5 billion years ago. The researchers say that the moon was formed in just hours and not a longer time. A team of researchers from the University of Durham in the United Kingdom published their research in the journal The Astrophysical Journal Letters. The samples are collected by Apollo-era astronauts after the structural similarities of the collision between lunar and the earth rocks took place. The researchers investigated different scenarios of the formation of moon through a supercomputer called COSMA (Cosmology Machine) and it can stimulate upto 100 million particles.

Cosmologist Jacob Kegerreis told "With a higher resolution we can study more detail - much like how a larger telescope lets you take higher resolution images of distant planets or galaxies to discover new details". The researchers ran hundreds of the simulations which are of high resolution and various parameters like spins, speed and angles are verified. Moon may have coalesced in few hours after the Earth-Theia collision took place. It shattered the pieces of Theia into the space. The formation theory offers an elegant explanation for the visible properties of the moon including the thin crust.

(Video Source: NASA's Ames Research Center)

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