• Love compliments, Love, three compliments men should never pay, Smile

    Three compliments men should never pay 23 December 2013

    Think a man can never go wrong when complimenting his woman? If so, think again! Women love to read between lines and sometimes, even your compliments. So if you say you are looking healthy, she will take that as being...

    Keywords: compliments, Men, Pretty Look, Dating

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    Things a man notices in a woman, eyes, things a man notices in a woman, Smile

    Things a man notices in a woman 26 June 2014

    Most men appraise a woman in a basic way. It takes only a few seconds for a man to decide whether he likes her look or not. Once they see the basics they make up their mind whether to approach...

    Keywords: Things a man notices in a woman, smile, Hair, womans eyes

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    relationships made strong with smiling, smile improves bonding between partners, smile can make your bonding stronger study proved, Smile

    Smile can make your bonding stronger, study proved 28 May 2015

    Smiling is the natural response that shares our happiness with others. Even many studies have proved importance of smile in our lives. Recent study from the researcher Belinda Campos from University of California has proved that smile indeed helps you...

    Keywords: smiling benefits, smile improves bonding between partners, relationships made strong with smiling, smile improves bonding between partners

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    impressing women, relationship, what women look in a man, Smile

    What women look in a man 20 June 2014

    Most men consider personal looks to be irrelevant when it comes to impressing women. But the first impression is much more important then we realise. The first impression makes a lasting impression when it it comes to relationship. Read on...

    Keywords: impressing women, Confidence, what attracts women, relationship

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    Happy, Smile, get happy in 10 minutes, Smile

    Get happy in 10 minutes 06 January 2014

    Not just life,but even our mood is equally unpredictable and baffling at times. The best way to fight these mood swings is to try and stay cheerful. We tell you three tried-and-tested way to lighten up your mood and be...

    Keywords: Smile, Smile, Smile, Nature

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    smile, journey, appreciate your life, Smile

    Appreciate your life 09 January 2014

    Life is not just about achieving an Oscar award or getting a Nobel prize. Draw satisfaction with what ever you have done in life. It will give you happiness, knowing that you have come this far in your journey. Look...

    Keywords: happiness, smile, smile, happy

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    Tamannah Shruti rivalry, Mahesh Babu, what s the secret behind tamannah s smile, Smile

    What's the secret behind Tamannah's smile? 18 October 2013

    Tamannah is not only smiling, but is distributing sweets and chocolates to her personal assistants like a little schoolgirl. Reason? Well there is not just one but two very exciting reasons for her to shell out some cash for sweets....

    Keywords: Aagadu heroine, Aagadu, Tamannah Shruti rivalry, Tamannah

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    Wake Up With a Smile, smile, wake up with a smile, Smile

    Wake Up With a Smile 22 November 2013

    Smile when you wake up in the morning. It's a great way to start your day. Life is full of worries, there is no point letting problems weigh you down. Most people ask the question, how do I smile when...

    Keywords: smile, Wake Up With a Smile, serotonin, happy due to serotonin

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    Raja The Great, Mehreen, more smiles in raja the great theatres, Smile

    More Smiles In Raja The Great Theatres 02 November 2017

    More Smiles In Raja The Great Theatres:- Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja is back to success streak with his next outing Raja The Great. The movie directed by Anil Ravipudi has been winning the hearts of the audience across the Telugu...

    Keywords: Mehreen, Raja The Great news, Ravi Teja, Anil Ravipudi

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    stressors, Bonfire, five things to be optimistic about in january, Smile

    Five Things to be Optimistic About in January 09 January 2014

    January brings with it a gust of fresh wave and the zeal of a new start. But with the new year also comes in new goals, stressors, and obligations, bad enough to dampen your spirits. We bring you a  small...

    Keywords: feel optimistic, optimistic, Picnics, stressors

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    sleep, smile, 4 possible tips to strengthen immune system, Smile

    4 Possible Tips to Strengthen Immune System 15 June 2015

    This is not something that suggests exercises and some other stuff. I know practically, those might not be possible to many, due to the busy schedules. But here are the few tips, which are even practically possible. Try them to...

    Keywords: smile, sleep, sleep, music

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    Balakrishna new movie, Tollywood news, dictator audio release smiles and sorrows, Smile

    Dictator audio release: Smiles and sorrows! 21 December 2015

    Balakrishna’s most awaiting movie, Dictator audio function was held yesterday in Andhra Pradesh new capital Amaravati, amidst of the huge number of Balayya fans and also TDP leaders. Being the first function in the historical place Amaravati, Dictator audio release...

    Keywords: Dictator audio release highlights, Dictator audio release, Dictator audio release highlights, Dictator audio release

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    bright smile, how to get whiter teeth, three simple tricks to get bright white smile, Smile

    Three simple tricks to get bright-white smile 11 June 2014

    Who doesn't fancy a gorgeous, bright-white smile? After all, nothing makes one look better than a 400 volt dazzling smile. That said, most of us are too lazy to follow rigorous teeth whitening measures. Forget the white trips, we present...

    Keywords: how to get whiter teeth, Beauty News, tooth care, Beauty News

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    Buskers, Buskers, if you don t smile pay rs 1 lakh as fine, Smile

    If you don't smile, pay Rs.1 lakh as fine 26 May 2015

    Whenever we are in sorrow, few of our friends ask us to get back soon and smile. But smiling  might not be possible in few situations. But in Oxford, the people are forced to smile, and if at all they...

    Keywords: Buskers, Smile or pay fine, Smile or pay fine, Weird facts

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    man flirting with other woman, flirting, caught your man flirting with other woman, Smile

    Caught your man flirting with other woman? 02 January 2014

    You are at a party and suddenly your man slips out of your sight. The next moment you see him, he is merrily flirting away to glory with one of the chicks. So what do you do? A) Keep a...

    Keywords: love, Partner, boxing gloves, marriage

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    life, happy, find reasons to smile, Smile

    Find reasons to smile 02 January 2014

    Life has endowed you with many things. Smile as often as possible, since your life is full of gifts from God. No doubt, there will be hundreds of reasons to cry, but life also gives you thousands of reasons to...

    Keywords: smile, spread happiness, happiness, reasons to smile

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    smile, Tips to become happy, enough gloom take a happy hour, Smile

    Enough gloom, take a happy hour 05 July 2013

    We don't need a reason to celebrate. In Andhra, every little development in yours or your friend's life invites a "when is the party". Taking a leaf from this, let us explore some ways to retain our happy go lucky...

    Keywords: smile, Happy hour, Tips to become happy, Happiness with Friends

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    Music Director GV Prakash, Priya Anand Remuneration, priya offers 50 lakhs to media, Smile

    Priya Offers 50 lakhs to Media 25 October 2013

    Actress Priya Anand with cute smile on innocent looking face showed her acting talent in Sekhar Kammula's "Leader" moving close with Rana before heroine Richa was introduced. But she did not get good offers in Telugu movies.  Her talent is...

    Keywords: Bollywood gossips, Music Director GV Prakash, Priya Anand remuneration rumors, Priya Anand Remuneration

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    Personality development, laugh, smile is the best revenge, Smile

    Smile is the best revenge 18 April 2015

    When ever you feel that you are avoided by some one, stop hurting yourself or being sad.Its a normal human tendency to make the people cry much more when they felt that we are sad just because of them.The best...

    Keywords: smile, Personality development, Tips, Tips

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    Ranbir Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, amala paul s laughter effect on ileana, Smile

    Amala Paul's laughter effect on Ileana 03 September 2013

    An actress with one of the best pouts in Tollywood, Amala Paul is one pretty lady. If you ask her what her secret is, she would say that her tendency to smile often is the reason for her charm and...

    Keywords: Charan Nayak, Barfi, Ranbir Kapoor, Amala Paul Bollywood film.

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