How to seduce your man

June 10, 2014 18:50
How to seduce your man

Men are different from women like chalk and cheese. Things that you feel will impress them may not really work with your man. The most unlikely things about their women are known to impress men. Did you think that your glossy lips, smokey eyes and the sexy outfit will make him crazy? Here are some easier ways to seduce your man.

Leave the make-up behind

Men are no fans of makeup. Instead they prefer their women without make-up. And you spent so much money and time trying to turn him on with your makeup. What a waste. Try the nude look and see him go crazy about you.

Curvy Girl

Size-zero girls are best suited for the silver screen. Men love their women to be curvy. They find women with curves to be sexy. So don't bother much about those love handles, he loves you the way you are.

Dishevelled hair is attractive

The unkept hair look, when you get out of bed, is his favourite. So don't bother spending a bomb over a prim and proper hair style. Your out-of-the-bed hair style is just what he wants.

Dress casually to bed

The prim and proper look makes your man uncomfortable. Men feel comfortable in the company of women who dress casually. So wear a baggy to bed and he will snuggle closer to you.

Make eye contact

Men find women who make eye contact to be very sexy. So maintain eye contact while talking to your man. Men find confident women who put across their point of view with an eye contact as simply irresistible.

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