Are you the obsessive girlfriend?

June 07, 2014 18:24
Are you the obsessive girlfriend?

Are you constantly worried that your boyfriend or partner is cheating on you or is about to leave you? You could be one of those women who is obsessed with her boyfriend. Do a self check if you are not sure. An obsessed girlfriend is not really taken well. Besides it's harmful to the relationship you have with the special person of your life. Here are some signs signs of an obsessed girlfriend.

Always thinking of break up

Do you constantly think about a break up? If yes then it's better to end the relationship. Relationship is based on trust and both the partners should feel loved and secure. But if a break up is always  on your mind then its  it's a sign to break up and move on.

Are you excessively jealous

Are you one of those females who get agitated when they see their boyfriends talking to another woman. Everytime your boyfriend talks to another female you become jittery. This means you are obsessed with your boyfriend. There is no reason to feel insecure when your partner talks to a female if you love and trust him. But, if you think there is something abnormal about his conversation with a particular woman then you can discuss it out with him at a private moment.

Do you give him enough space

Are you a clingy girlfriend. Stop it, or the relationship will end soon. Having a relationship and being in love does not mean that both of you need to be together all the time. Spend some time away from each other. It will make your relationship stronger. Give him ample space and free time for himself. Your relationship will be healthier.

Do you praise him always

Complimenting your boyfriend occassionally is good, but praising him all the time is an unhealthy sign. This is another sign that you are obsessed by your boyfriend.

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