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    Church more obsessed with morals than serving poor, Pope 20 September 2013

    In a long interview, Pope Francis shared that in his opinion, the Church has become too obsessed with contraception, abortion and gay marriages. In the process, its real purpose to serve the poor has take a back bench, the pope...

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    congress campaign in UP, Rahul’s obsession, not obsessed of becoming pm rahul, Obsessed

    Not obsessed of becoming PM: Rahul 06 February 2012

    Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi said today he was not obsessed of becoming the Prime Minister but obsessive of ensuring drastic changes in the way things are organized in UP. Addressing a media conference at Varanasi, Rahul expressed anguish that...

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    excessively jealous, signs of an obsessed girlfriend, are you the obsessive girlfriend, Obsessed

    Are you the obsessive girlfriend? 07 June 2014

    Are you constantly worried that your boyfriend or partner is cheating on you or is about to leave you? You could be one of those women who is obsessed with her boyfriend. Do a self check if you are not...

    Keywords: boyfriend, harmful to the relationship, obsessed, break up

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