• video goes viral, road accident, hyderabad woman walks on road causing accident video goes viral, Walking

    Hyderabad: Woman Walks on Road Causing Accident, Video Goes Viral 06 February 2017

    A video has gone viral on social media which shows a woman in Hyderabad walking on the road as vehicles arrive. The woman is seen jaywalking in the middle of the road without concern for the approaching vehicles which led...

    Keywords: jaywalking, video goes viral, road accident, Hyderabad women

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    tongue, walking, saving a stroke victim, Walking

    Saving a Stroke Victim 08 February 2013

    Heart diseases are on the rise in every nation, the bane of the rich lifestyles. The deaths are most often because they are identified later than they should be and when primary care is not provided. To avoid such problems,...

    Keywords: stroke victim, walking, exercises, daily lifestyle

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    Shoe that charges your phone while walking, Hot Buzz, shoe that charges your phone while walking, Walking

    Shoe that charges your phone while walking 21 March 2014

    A 12th standard Indian student has built a waterproof shoe which charges mobile devices while walking. The  student is identified as Rajesh Adhikari from Nainital and this guy got the idea with extreme power cuts in his city. When a...

    Keywords: Rajesh Adhikari, Shoe that charges your phone while walking, Rajesh Adhikari, Nainital student builts shoe charger

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    Walking to work news, Walking study, walking to work makes you healthier than a casual walk, Walking

    Walking to Work Makes you Healthier than a Casual Walk 14 August 2020

    Walking to Work Makes you Healthier than a Casual Walk:- Walking with a purpose would be a huge advantage for everyone instead of a casual walk. Walking to work makes people walk faster and they are considered healthier than ever...

    Keywords: Walking to work advantages, Walking study, Walking to work new updates, Walking study

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    exercising in polluted air, pollution in cities, risks behind walking in polluted areas, Walking

    Risks Behind Walking In Polluted Areas 06 November 2023

    Risks Behind Walking In Polluted Areas:- Many cities around the world are facing a high increase of pollution levels and exercise or walking in such polluted environments will leave you at risk. Here are a few potential risks: Exposure to...

    Keywords: pollution in cities, walking in polluted air, Compromised Immune System, exercising in polluted air

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    Man walks slowly with beloved one, Love Partners, man slows and stoops walking with beloved, Walking

    Man slows and stoops walking with beloved 02 December 2013

    Men usually walk faster than women. But when a man is in love with the woman he is walking with, he not only slows down his pace to match with that of the woman with him but also stoops a...

    Keywords: Man walks slowly with beloved one, Lovers, Slow walking, Man walks slowly with beloved one

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    Workout, lose weight faster, tips and tricks for effective workouts, Walking

    Tips and tricks for effective workouts 11 July 2013

    All of us struggle to lose those kgs, trying to slog it out in the gym or at home. But what makes good workouts even more effective is something else. To get the most out of your daily workouts, one...

    Keywords: Workout, tips to exercise, gym, toned body

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    drink water, coffee, unbelievable but true, Walking

    Unbelievable but true 26 February 2013

    Yes this mind sound very weird and UN believable as well, but it is proven that if you stand for 3 hours in a day, you will reduce 4 kgs in a year. No exercise and nothing. Just standing and...

    Keywords: walking, running, weight loss, dieting

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    how walking reduces risk of heart failure, Walking for 20 minutes a day can cut heart failure risk, walking for 20 minutes a day can cut heart failure risk, Walking

    Walking for 20 minutes a day can cut heart failure risk 17 August 2015

    Are you worried about heart failure? The Sweden researchers have found waking or cycling for 20 minutes a day can reduce risk of heart failure. To prove this, the research was carried on 33,012 men from the Cohort of Swedish...

    Keywords: benefits of walking or cycling, exercise can reduce risk of heart failure, benefits of walking or cycling, benefits of walking or cycling

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    10 hours of walking, shoshana roberts, woman walks for 10 hrs in delhi, Walking

    Woman walks for 10 hrs in Delhi 21 November 2014

    A woman walked in various locations in Delhi and she got mixed response unlike in Mumbai. As part of social experiment, the woman walked for 10 hours at the most crowded places in the national capital. About four guys approached...

    Keywords: street harassment, hollaback, 10 hours of walking in delhi, Woman walks in Delhi

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    Brisk Walking, Brisk Walking benefits, health benefits of brisk walking, Walking

    Health Benefits of Brisk Walking 05 May 2022

    Health Benefits of Brisk Walking:- As per the recent study that was published in the journal Communications Biology, brisk walking can have a lot of health benefits. The article was titled Investigation of a UK biobank cohort reveals causal associations...

    Keywords: Brisk Walking research, Brisk Walking, Brisk Walking, Brisk Walking in Communications Biology

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    beauty, peace, don t worry be happy, Walking

    Don't worry... be happy 13 March 2013

    What is the use of worrying all the time that you are stressed out? Instead try and come out of stress to lead a peaceful, happy and fun filled life; It's not just power yoga that helps your body to...

    Keywords: exercise, exercise, be happy, be happy

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    morning walk, morning walk, importance of morning walk, Walking

    Importance of Morning Walk 03 June 2013

    Morning walks are important during the winter seasons, because that's when our blood becomes thicker and walks help in increasing the rate of blood circulation and as a result, your body gets more oxygen. It warms up your body. Walking...

    Keywords: bolld circulation, sleepiness, health tips, sleepiness

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    gadgets, walking, body reacts while talking on phone, Walking

    Body reacts while talking on phone 13 April 2015

    We have a habit of moving the body while talking on the phone. Is this a disease or any kind of serious issue..! don't estimate in this way and start fearing for it. Lets get into the details of why...

    Keywords: Phone, gadgets, Phone, gadgets

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    Thorak, Walking horses, hitler s walking horses recovered from a black market, Walking

    Hitler’s ‘Walking horses’ recovered from a black market 21 May 2015

    Thorak’s “Walking Horses” which are standing with 16 feet high and 33 feet long, once guarded Hitler’s New Reich Chancellery in Berlin, on either side of the stairs to the building. During World War II, they were relocated and in...

    Keywords: World war, World war, Germany, Nazi

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    bonding with nature, relaxing while busy, too serious about beauty chill, Walking

    Too serious about beauty? Chill! 20 August 2013

    Take a chill pill all you serious people out there. You know stress affects your skin badly. Ok, so you have religiously stuck to your strict diet and exercise routine. But, there is another contributor to good health and beauty....

    Keywords: why walking is healthy, break from monotony, relaxation techniques, benefits of antioxidants

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    Jamlo Makdam from Telangana, Jamlo Makdam deceased, 12 year old girl dies after walking for 150 km, Walking

    12-year-old Girl Dies After Walking For 150 km 21 April 2020

    12-year-old Girl Dies After Walking For 150 km:- A 12-year-old girl passed away after she walked 150km for three continuous days from Telangana to Bijapur district located in Chhattisgarh during the coronavirus lockdown period. She was identified as Jamlo Makdam...

    Keywords: girl dead after walking 150 km, Jamlo Makdam, Jamlo Makdam Chhattisgarh, Jamlo Makdam latest

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    Wasim Akram, Shaniera, bridging cultures by walking the extra mile, Walking

    Bridging cultures by walking the extra mile 22 August 2013

    In what can be called a union of cultures, Pakistan cricketer Wasim Akram married an Australia. The lady walked the extra mile by converting to her husband's religion. The couple displayed what compromise in lifestyle means to marriage. The paceman...

    Keywords: Shaniera, Wasim Akram marries again, Wasim Akram marries again, Wasim Akram marries again

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    weightloss tips, weightloss news, walking after meals will help you to lose weight, Walking

    Walking After Meals Will Help You To Lose Weight 05 May 2020

    Walking After Meals Will Help You To Lose Weight:- It is quite tough to lose weight after you gain excess weight. While some of them are quite particular about their weight and their daily routine about food and exercise, most...

    Keywords: weightloss latest news, weightloss latest news, weightloss latest, weightloss latest

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    health tips, calories, burn your calories in a simple way, Walking

    Burn your calories in a simple way 02 March 2013

    Health is wealth... so true. But, you have to know what exercise would help you to reduce how many calories for you on an average of 50 kgs weight. Walking is no doubt the best exercise for all age groups...

    Keywords: walking tips, morning walk, average weight, weight loss

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