Too serious about beauty? Chill!

August 20, 2013 17:26
Too serious about beauty? Chill!

Take a chill pill all you serious people out there. You know stress affects your skin badly.

Ok, so you have religiously stuck to your strict diet and exercise routine. But, there is another contributor to good health and beauty. Relaxation. To relax without disturbing your full schedules, here are a few pointers.

When tiredness and monotony sets in, break the routine with laughter. Laugh out loud. Laughing until your stomach pains has the same effects as a mild exercise. That's a great trick huh!Laughing is also good for your heart and immune system. Even a few minutes of laughter improves the mood, which in turn improves body functions and overall look.

Take a nice peaceful walk during the early morning or late evening. The purpose is to bond with nature while soaking up some all important Vitamin D. Yes! We do need the pesky vitamin from the Sun as our body does not produce it otherwise. Who needs supplements when we can get all warm and happy with a relaxing walk? Go, re-energize with nature.

Exercise is known is slow down muscle ageing. Know what else does that? Dark Chocolate. Even chocolate haters cannot deny this. Dark chocolate contains epicatechin, which was found to stimulate muscles much like exercise. Of course, you surely know the benefits of antioxidants present in dark chocolate. Just make sure you don't binge on the stuff.

Whether you are a human being, a plant or an animal, research has confirmed the benefits of music on our health. You understood right! Music lowers stress, improves health and encourages the body to release more antibodies that fight disease. Need more reasons? Listening to music relieves us from pain faster and speed up recovery from any illness.

All you need to do is relax to get the glow in your face.

(AW: Sruthi)

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