• walnuts, A and B, wonder food walnut, Vitamin c

    Wonder food Walnut 20 November 2013

    Eat walnuts everyday and adopt a health lifestyle for yourself as well as your family. Even a  handful will be great for your health. Some of the health benefits of walnuts are as follows. Packed with nutrition, walnuts provide protein,...

    Keywords: omega-3 fats, A and B, omega-3 fats, A and B

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    Peanuts, Health tips, peanuts reduces death risk, Vitamin c

    Peanuts reduces death risk 12 June 2015

    Peanuts can protect against early death from cancer and heart disease, studies prove.According to the ‘Maastricht University,’ Netherlands study prove that, 10g of nuts or peanuts (not peanut butter) per day, have a lower risk of dying than people who...

    Keywords: Vitamins, Vitamins, Health tips, Health tips

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    how vitamin C benefits our body, Vitamin C can cut risk of cardiovascular diseases, consuming more fruits and vegetables can cut risk of heart disease, Vitamin c

    Consuming more fruits and vegetables can cut risk of heart disease 10 July 2015

    The researchers from University of Copenhagen and Herlev and Gentofte Hospital in Denmark have found that high vitamin C concentrations in the blood from the intake of fruit and vegetables are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and...

    Keywords: Consuming more fruits and vegetables can cut risk of heart disease, Consuming more fruits and vegetables can cut risk of heart disease, Consuming more fruits and vegetables can cut risk of heart disease, Consuming more fruits and vegetables can cut risk of heart disease

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    coca-cola life, low-calorie, coca cola life to get started, Vitamin c

    Coca-Cola Life to get started! 27 June 2013

    Coca-Cola Co announced scheme of arrangement on Wednesday to bring into notice a cola that is sweetened with sugar and naturally occurring, no-calorie sweetener stevia, the first such product to hit a market that is observed as key to the...

    Keywords: future of the soda industry, low-calorie beverages, fanta select, low-calorie beverages

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    how to make penis strong, how to avoid erectile dysfunction, 4 guy things to make wiener strong, Vitamin c

    4 guy things to make wiener strong 09 April 2015

    Are you worried that your partner is crossing the big finish line before you even break a sweat? There are certain things that your guy can do to help him get it up and keep it there. To avoid premature...

    Keywords: smoking effect on penis, how to make penis strong, smoking effect on penis, vitamin D deficiency effect penis

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    benefits of music, benefits of laughter., too serious about beauty chill, Vitamin c

    Too serious about beauty? Chill! 20 August 2013

    Take a chill pill all you serious people out there. You know stress affects your skin badly. Ok, so you have religiously stuck to your strict diet and exercise routine. But, there is another contributor to good health and beauty....

    Keywords: benefits of antioxidants, Tips to relax, break from monotony, bonding with nature

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    badam, health tips, what to eat to be healthy, Vitamin c

    What to eat to be healthy? 07 March 2013

    Office work, household work and day to day work, all these are to be attended by us every day. If we are working so much, it is our basic responsibility to eat right, to keep our body fit and healthy....

    Keywords: health tips, healthy food, palak, kaju

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    dietary supplements increases cancer risk, harmful vitamin supplements, vitamin supplements increase risk of cancer, Vitamin c

    Vitamin supplements increase risk of cancer 21 April 2015

    Many take vitamins to stay fit and healthy but intake of them more than the recommended daily amount will increase the risk of cancer and heart disease by 20%, according to a new study. Tim Byers, a professor at the...

    Keywords: vitamins causes cancer, effect of vitamin supplements on cancer, disadvantages of vitamin supplements, how to control vitamin intake

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    Children Sick from Vitamins pills, Vitamin Tablets, vitamin pills injures instead improving health, Vitamin c

    Vitamin Pills Injures Instead Improving Health! 25 September 2013

    Vitamin pills are supposed to improve health making up the required vitamins in the body and balancing the deficiency in food intake if any.  But the tablets distributed to Children in Odisha proved otherwise. Vitamin tablets were distributed by the...

    Keywords: Puri collector Naba Kumar, Children Sick from Vitamins pills, Puri collector Naba Kumar, Puri District

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    Too much vitamin A intake disrupts immune system, Too much vitamin A intake disrupts immune system, excess vitamin a disturbs immune system study revealed, Vitamin c

    Excess Vitamin A disturbs immune system, study revealed 02 July 2015

    A new study revealed that intake of Vitamin A above the normal level will shut down the body’s trained immunity and opens door to infections. The findings suggest that supplementation of the vitamin above and beyond normal levels may have...

    Keywords: side effects of health benefits, Vitamin A health benefits, Vitamin A health benefits, side effects of health benefits

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    healthy living, BMI percentage, why you should live healthy, Vitamin c

    Why you should live healthy? 15 April 2013

    If you are aware of a health problem, it is better to treat against the same for a active health. According to the recent research done by a famous American University, it is revealed with a active and healthy life...

    Keywords: being active, minerals, being active, minerals

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    back pain, vitamins for back pain, easy ways to get rid of back pain, Vitamin c

    Easy ways to get rid of back pain 22 February 2013

    Even for some time. Neglecting back pain will turn to be a biggest mistake. Instead let's follow some tips and attend back pain immediately for a peaceful life style; Do not sit stagnant for hours together at work place or...

    Keywords: milk, milk, stress, vitamins for back pain

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    live healthy, regular dish, what to eat, Vitamin c

    What to eat??? 18 April 2013

    'What to eat?' this is the biggest question for us, everyday... who is not a foodie? It is just that the taste glands and mode of eating, the dishes cooked and the list of favorite dishes differs from you and...

    Keywords: food items, broccoli, vitamins, live healthy

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    silica, vitamin B, is beer good for hair, Vitamin c

    Is Beer good for hair ? 08 October 2014

    These days in supermarkets we are noticing 'Beer Shampoo' but nobody knew whether beer is good for hair or not. We all know the effects of consumption beer and it is much safer to pour beer on your hair. Beer...

    Keywords: Beer shampoo, shampoo, vitamin B, hair

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    tuna., healthy eating, good diet helps you sleep well, Vitamin c

    Good diet helps you sleep well 03 August 2013

    There is a prevalent fact that stress is frequently seen as a culprit when you are not able to gain a good night’s sleep. Yet your diet also plays a dominant role in it. Get aware of your nutrient intake...

    Keywords: eat well to sleep well, journal medical hypothesis, insomnia, pumpkin seeds

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    blend, lemon, a cup of health, Vitamin c

    A Cup of Health 16 August 2013

    Tea is amongst the most preferred drinks around the world and  the basic method of preparing tea hasn't changed a whole lot, each region seems to have its own way of adding more flavor to this drink. One of the...

    Keywords: lemon tea, a taste of freshness, health benefit of lemon, cancer

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    niacin, Eat Tomatoes Stay Healthy, eat tomatoes stay healthy, Vitamin c

    Eat Tomatoes Stay Healthy 21 November 2013

    Tomatoes are widely considered to be a vegetable but actually they are citrus fruit. They can be eaten in a variety of forms - raw or cooked. Tomatoes are eaten raw in sandwiches or salads and can be eaten in...

    Keywords: vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A, Tomatoes

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    , kharjur in water, 1 food item n number of uses, Vitamin c

    1 food item... n number of uses 13 March 2013

    You cannot afford to buy fruits and store it for more than a week. This is because any other fruit has a tendency to lose its freshness within 3 to 4 days. But Kharjur is not so. And if compared...

    Keywords: iron, kharjur, kharjur, keera

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    acai berries, bilberries, black currants aids in weight loss, Vitamin c

    Black currants aids in weight loss 28 January 2014

    Black currants, packed with vitamin C and micronutrients, has been known for its nutritional benefits. Now a new study has suggested that black currants, lingonberries and bilberries could aid in weight loss. However, research revealed that regular consumption of acai...

    Keywords: tips for health, lingonberries, Black currants aids in weight loss, micronutrients

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    health, fruits, eat light and stay healthy, Vitamin c

    Eat light and stay healthy 17 December 2013

    The cold days of winter could be unhealth for you, if you are not careful about what you eat. Eat food that provides ample amount of Vitamin C to your body. It's also advisable to eat light as it keeps...

    Keywords: immune system, Vitamin C, salads, Healthy Tips

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