4 guy things to make wiener strong

April 09, 2015 17:14
4 guy things to make wiener strong

Are you worried that your partner is crossing the big finish line before you even break a sweat? There are certain things that your guy can do to help him get it up and keep it there. To avoid premature ejaculation, a man must be strong physically and mentally. Here are few things that will help you to make your penis strong.

Be strong physically:

To avoid premature ejaculation, one must be strong physically. According to a study published in the journal of sexual Medicine stated that a guy’s ability to have erections, the quality and frequency of his erections, and his overall sexual function can be directly related to exercise. It also revealed that a man who is engaged in the equivalent of two hours of strenuous exercise, three and a half hours of moderate exercise, or six hours of light exercise a week reported having better sex. So, start exercising to have last longing sex.

Vitamin D supplement:

A study published in ‘The Journal of Sexual Medicine’ stated that lack of vitamin D might be more susceptible to erectile dysfunction (ED), according to researchers from Italy. Experts suggests intake of Vitamin D supplement to decrease the risk of ED only after consulting the doctor.

Kick smoking habit:

There are evidences that smoking effects erection size. Even a study proved that smoker’s penis is smaller when compared to nonsmokers. As the penis tissues are damaged due to smoking, it is good to quit smoking completely to have better sexual performance. According to research, even the occasional social smoke in nonsmoking men reduces penis function.

Start Kegels:

Kegel exercises (flexing and holding the muscles that stop the flow of urine) are a great way to begin reconnecting yourself with your genitals. A study found that men who suffered from premature ejaculation improved their stamina within a few months of these pelvic floor exercises. So, start kegles exercises to make your penis stronger than ever before.

Remember these simple 4 steps that help you to last longer in sex.

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