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  • viswaroopam rating, viswaroopam movie trailer, viswaroopam exposes the three phases of kamal, Viswaroopam

    Viswaroopam exposes the three phases of Kamal 30 January 2013

    Multi talented Dr Kamal Haasan is ever beyond critic's imagination and has always stayed there. He rendorses the same through his espionage thriller, Viswaroopam. Technically it is one of the best films in its section, globally. The film is a...

    Keywords: Viswaroopam, viswaroopam movie trailer, Apex court call for amicable settlement, kamal hasan viswaroopam

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    kamal hasan viswaroopam, 28 January, viswaroopam apex court call for amicable settlement, Viswaroopam

    Viswaroopam: Apex court call for amicable settlement 28 January 2013

    In spite of having the film screened on Sunday, the Tamil Nadu high court had requested the producer cum filmmaker Dr Kamal Haasan to settle the issue with the state government. The Judge on Monday had urged Kamal to probe...

    Keywords: viswaroopam movie preview, 28 January, viswaroopam movie talk, Viswaroopam row

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    Kamal Haasan's Next Movie Uttama Villain, Viswaroopam 2, kamal s five hours of make up, Viswaroopam

    Kamal's five hours of make up 25 February 2014

    Universal hero Kamal Haasan will be seen in 'Uttama Villain' [UV] movie after Viswaroopam 2. UV is a romantic movie but Kamal's character has many shades and so he is taking utmost care for his looks in this movie. Apparently...

    Keywords: Viswaroopam 2, Ramesh Arvind, Kamal's five hours of make up, Kamal's Uttama Villain Movie

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    viswaroopam rating, viswaroopam movie trailer, viswaroopam delay could cost a fortune, Viswaroopam

    Viswaroopam delay could cost a fortune! 28 January 2013

    The much hyped Viswaroopam from Dr Kamal Haasan has attracted the ire of the Muslim associations and taken the legal course.  However the delay in release in Tamil Nadu and differed release dates in Karnataka and Hyderabad might cost a...

    Keywords: viswaroopam movie stills, viswaroopam rating, viswaroopam movie stills, viswaroopam movie stills

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    viswaroopam movie release, 30 January, viswaroopam theaters face the wrath, Viswaroopam

    Viswaroopam theaters face the wrath 30 January 2013

    Viswaroopam row takes a different turn every minute. Just moments after the meeting of Dr Kamal Haasan, the Madras High court had again upheld the ban urged by the state government. The court today over-ruled the decision by a judge...

    Keywords: viswaroopam movie review, viswaroopam review, court asks to approach govt, January 30

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    Bharathi Raja, viswaroopam movie talk, kamal gets support from across the nation, Viswaroopam

    Kamal gets support from across the nation 31 January 2013

    Viswaroopam has earned Dr Kamal Haasan more sympathy than dollars. The film released elsewhere failed to hit the theaters in Tamil Nadu where it was primarily was targeted to. The trilingual flick is made in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. While...

    Keywords: court asks to approach govt, 31 January, viswaroopam movie stills, kamal haasan viswaroopam

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    Viswaroopam movie collections, 12 February, all iz well for viswaroopam scales 120 cr mark, Viswaroopam

    'All iz well' for Viswaroopam, scales 120 cr mark! 12 February 2013

    Dr Kamal Haasan's magnum opus 'Viswaroopam' won audience applause across the globe. In spite of many controversies shrouding the film in the initial stages, 'All iz well,' at the moment, claim sources close to the crew. According to sources, the...

    Keywords: vishwaroopam movie collections, vishwaroopam movie collections, 12 February, Viswaroopam scales 120 cr peaks

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    viswaroopam movie stills, viswaroopam rating, viswaroopam, Viswaroopam

    Viswaroopam 25 January 2013

    Film : Viswaroopam Producer : Dasari Narayana Rao Director : Kamal Hassan Star Cast : Kamal Hassan, Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose.. Music Director : Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Rating: 3/5 Viswaroopam released globally on January 25, except in Hyderabad city and the entire...

    Keywords: viswaroopam movie release, viswaroopam review, viswaroopam review, viswaroopam movie talk

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    kamal haasan viswaroopam, Kamal is distorted, viswaroopam delay seeds sown in pc function, Viswaroopam

    Viswaroopam delay, seeds sown in 'PC' function? 31 January 2013

    Many a times vengeance and hatred could be expressed in different ways, but the ultimate result would be destruction and that is what has happened to versatile Kamal Haasan.  The actor cum filmmaker cum producer had invested his last rupee...

    Keywords: viswaroopam movie trailer, viswaroopam movie review, court asks to approach govt, Could this be the reason behind Viswaroopam delay

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    January 26, kamal hasan viswaroopam, associations trying to arm twist censors politicking wishesh, Viswaroopam

    Associations trying to arm-twist Censors: Politicking Wishesh 26 January 2013

    Namaskaram andi! Is freedom of speech being eroded by communal associations, needs retrospection by the fundamentals of Democracy. The 'hate speeches' and sequences shown in poor light,' have become the limelight of controversies. While many a times this is conveniently...

    Keywords: viswaroopam movie talk, viswaroopam movie preview, viswaroopam movie preview, Politicking Wishesh

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    Viswaroopam to hit screens today, viswaroopam movie review, viswaroopam row shows doors to kamal, Viswaroopam

    Viswaroopam row shows doors to Kamal 30 January 2013

    Is there a place for an acclaimed artiste in India which does not implicate them and hamper their ideologies with a 'secular tag.' When Unity in diversity is the watch word of Indian democracy, Viswaroopam (in Hindi Viswaroop) row has...

    Keywords: Viswaroopam to hit screens today, viswaroopam rating, Viswaroopam row, viswaroopam movie talk

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    Tollywood News, Viswaroopam 2 Movie Release, vishwaroopam 2 in march, Viswaroopam

    Vishwaroopam 2 in March 11 February 2014

    Universal Hero Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam 2 will light the screens in the month of March as the per the Kollywood sources. The shooting of the film was done along back and is currently busy with post-production works. Kamal who is...

    Keywords: Kamal Haasan's Viswaroopam 2, Viswaroopam 2 Movie, Andrea, Viswaroopam 2 Movie

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    viswaroopam stills, viswaroopam movie trailer, kamal is a very risky actor says venkatesh, Viswaroopam

    'Kamal is a very risky Actor' says Venkatesh 20 February 2013

    Star hero of T - Town Venkatesh is very happy on the success of Actor Kamal Hassan's recent release 'Vishwaroopam'. The movie was released among high speculations and there was a hungama going around postponing or stopping the release of...

    Keywords: victory venkatesh, victory venkatesh, victory venkatesh, kamal hassan

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    viswaroopam review, viswaroopam movie preview, viswaroopam befits lokanayakudu bill, Viswaroopam

    Viswaroopam befits 'Lokanayakudu' bill 26 January 2013

    The master creation of the multitasking Dr Kamal Haasan is truly beyond comparison and is taking the Indian film panorama to the global frontiers.  Viswaroopam is a record of sorts irrespective of its dividends. The film's success is sure to...

    Keywords: viswaroopam rating, viswaroopam movie preview, viswaroopam movie talk, viswaroopam movie trailer

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    Tollywood news, Viswaroopam 2, kamal did not accept any telugu film, Viswaroopam

    Kamal did not accept any Telugu film 07 July 2014

    Few days back when director Teja said that he will be doing his next with Universal Hero Kamal Hassan, the tinsel town went gaga over it. He also added that, the film have its launch in November formally. However, Kamal...

    Keywords: Entertainment news, Telugu director Teja Kamal Haasan movie, Kamal Haasan, Cinema news

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    Papanasam, Kamal Haasan Papanasam, kamal to arrive with three films, Viswaroopam

    Kamal to arrive with three films 28 October 2014

    Universal Hero Kamal Haasan has been out of the light since an year and half. After Vishwaroopam, Kamal did not come up with any film but was shooting continuously for three films and they are Vishwaroopam 2, Papanasam and Uttama...

    Keywords: Ramesh Arvind, Drishyam remake, Papanasam, Ramesh Arvind

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    viswaroopam movie stills, viswaroopam movie stills, kamal s decision to leave the country surprises one and all, Viswaroopam

    Kamal's decision to leave the country surprises one and all... 31 January 2013

    The Vishwaroopam star has decided to leave the Country now. He has been quiet upset the way Government and concerned authorities have been behaving when it comes to his film's release. With the authorities postponing the release of the film...

    Keywords: viswaroopam movie story, viswaroopam movie postphone, viswaroopam movie postphone, viswaroopam movie story

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    viswaroopam rating, Hyderabad will miss Friday fever of Viswaroopam, hyderabad will miss friday fever of viswaroopam, Viswaroopam

    Hyderabad will miss Friday fever of Viswaroopam 25 January 2013

    The magnum opus from Dr Kamal Haasan, Viswaroopam, has been released across global theaters except in Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad (only for a day) as some Muslim associations have appealed for the ban on the film which showed them in...

    Keywords: viswaroopam movie stills, Pooja Kumar, Kamal, Kamal hasan movie stills

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    Lokanayakudu, chennai high court, viswaroopam in tamil nadu decision on monday, Viswaroopam

    Viswaroopam in Tamil Nadu, decision on Monday 27 January 2013

    The Magnum opus, Viswaroopam, from Dr Kamal Haasan has won critical acclaim from the world but has been castigated in its own homeland. The decision on the subjudice affair over the film's screening in Tamil Nadu will see light on...

    Keywords: vishwarupam, decision on Monday, vishwarupam, kamalhasan

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    Viswaroopam, Viswaroopam, kamal hassan s vishwaroopam sequel gets ready for release, Viswaroopam

    Kamal Hassan’s Vishwaroopam Sequel Gets Ready For Release? 21 April 2017

    Kamal Haasan's much-awaited film Vishwaroopam 2, the sequel to the blockbuster Tamil film, is finally being revived and getting ready for release in all languages. The film had gone on hold due to the producer’s Aascar Ravichandran financial crisis. Fans...

    Keywords: Sabash Naidu, Viswaroopam sequel, Kamal Haasan, Aascar Ravichandran

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