• how to detect fresh eggs, how to clean stovetops and sinks, 10 amazing kitchen tips and tricks, Tricks

    10 amazing kitchen tips and tricks 22 April 2015

    Cooking is easy to some people but for some it will be a tricky task. Following some simple tips of cooking will make it easier. Here are some tips that could be useful for the modern women to save time....

    Keywords: how to clean stovetops and sinks, how to reduce smell on hands after chopping, clever kitchen tips, tips and tricks to be used in kitchen

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    Telangana news, Revanth Reddy, revanth reddy does not know political tricks, Tricks

    Revanth Reddy does not know political tricks! 21 December 2015

    The below issues, prove that, Telangana TDP leader, Revanth Reddy is not a regular politician and maintains the same character, in and off the media. Generally, Andhra Pradesh or Telangana or in that sense, any state politicians, fight officially, but...

    Keywords: Revanth Reddy daughter marriage, Revanth Redddy news, Revanth Reddy, Revanth Redddy news

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    Easy Steps To Apply Nail Polish Perfectly, Tricks for Painting Nails, simple tips to apply nail polish perfectly, Tricks

    Simple tips to apply nail polish perfectly 12 June 2015

    Nail polish beautifies your nails but applying it neatly is a tricky task. Here are some simple tips to make your nail polish look beautiful. Follow them and enhance your nails beauty.  Soak your hands for few minutes: To soften...

    Keywords: how to apply nail polish neatly, How to Apply nail polish neatly and make it last, How to Apply nail polish neatly and make it last, how to apply nail polish neatly

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    shopping tips, be a smart shopper, how to shop smart, Tricks

    How to shop smart? 11 June 2014

    Take a quick look at your closet full of black dresses or your rainbow of lipsticks and question yourself: "Did you really need to splurge on another black dress or invest in another pink gloss?”  It's easy to feel frustrated...

    Keywords: be a smart shopper, be a smart shopper, buyer's remorse, shopping tips

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    Conceal dark circles, Curly lashes, makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider, Tricks

    Makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider 02 July 2014

    Large eyes are considered to be beautiful. Women with large look beautiful and also considered to be pretty. But not all women are born with large eyes. Read on to know how to use makeup skilfully to make your eyes...

    Keywords: Makeup tricks, Conceal dark circles, Large eyes, make your eyes look bigger

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    whiter teeth, bright smile, three simple tricks to get bright white smile, Tricks

    Three simple tricks to get bright-white smile 11 June 2014

    Who doesn't fancy a gorgeous, bright-white smile? After all, nothing makes one look better than a 400 volt dazzling smile. That said, most of us are too lazy to follow rigorous teeth whitening measures. Forget the white trips, we present...

    Keywords: tips for teeth whitening, tips for teeth whitening, how to get whiter teeth, brighter teeth

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    love and relationship tips, love and relationship tips, 5 tricks to know if he is serious about you, Tricks

    5 tricks to know, if he is serious about you 25 March 2016

    Many doubts you have on your partner, where you cannot dare to ask him, for the fear of losing him. But what more can you do? Can you afford to sacrifice your life, after knowing later, that he is a...

    Keywords: love tips, love and relationship tips, love and relationship tips, romance tips

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    how to prevent hangover, how to avoid hangover, beauty tips to prevent hangover, Tricks

    Beauty tips to prevent hangover 27 June 2015

    If you've gone all-night partying in middle of the week and worrying to report to work on the next day, here are some simple hangover tips to give beautiful face all the day.If you eyes have become puffy due to...

    Keywords: simple tips to avoid hangover, beauty tricks to get rid of hangover, how to prevent hangover, how to prevent hangover

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    cooking, cooking, 10 essential kitchen tricks, Tricks

    10 Essential Kitchen Tricks 04 October 2016

    Kitchen is a place where every woman spends her half of her day. So,the Kitchen work gets over fast,  every woman should know some tricks to make life easier. Here are some:If you want to soften butter faster, cut the...

    Keywords: Kitchen, hacks, Kitchen, hacks

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    Whatsapp, Whatsapp, 5 whatsapp tricks everyone should know, Tricks

    5 Whatsapp Tricks Everyone Should Know 22 June 2016

    Undoubtedly WhatsApp is the top messaging platform today. It has more than a billion users who are actively sending messages and communicating over voice around the globe. The company was acquired by Facebook, and the messaging app is completely free...

    Keywords: Whatsapp, features, features, features

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    how to stop hairfall, Tips to prevent hair loss, don t stress keep the tresses, Tricks

    Don't stress, keep the tresses 11 October 2013

    After experimenting with hundreds of tips to keep your hair firmly on the scalp, one would never guess the simpler remedies that can prevent hair stress. Yes, stress is the main culprit that provokes your hair to slide off your...

    Keywords: Hair tips, Tips to prevent hair loss, how to stop hairfall, how to stop hairfall

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    reasons to fall in love, reasons to fall in love, 5 things that tricks you into loving someone, Tricks

    5 things that tricks you into loving someone 07 April 2015

    Why do girls fall in love with a guy, do you know the reason? May be she would have fallen for his kind heart or brave nature or sense of humor, it could be any reason but that will definitely...

    Keywords: why women fall in love, what attracts women to fall in love, 5 reason to fall in love, what attracts women to fall in love

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    Tips To Cook Seafood, Food And Cooking Tips, the best tips and tricks to have a perfect seafood, Tricks

    The Best Tips And Tricks To Have A Perfect Seafood 10 October 2017

    The Best Tips And Tricks To Have A Perfect Seafood:- Are you uncertain of how to cook delicious fish at home? You will be surprised to know how simple it can be. When it comes to cooking your perfect fish...

    Keywords: Tips And Tricks To Have A Perfect Seafood, Tips And Tricks To Have A Perfect Seafood, Seafood, Seafood

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    iPhone, unknown iPhone features, get to know about your iphone, Tricks

    Get to know about your iPhone 15 December 2014

    Apple's iPhone is the most sort out smartphone, however many people use it for calling, texting and using the web services. We will bring you few unknown tricks of iPhone and they might be helpful if you are an iPhone...

    Keywords: unknown iPhone features, unknown iPhone features, unknown iPhone features, unknown iPhone features

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    How to sweat-proof your makeup, Beauty, how to sweat proof your makeup, Tricks

    How to sweat-proof your makeup? 13 June 2014

    Think summer and runny make-up goes hand in hand? Not any more. Save yourself from sweating off your makeup on a hot muggy day by sweat-proofing your pretty face. Here's how: Go Light Moisturize your skin religiously with a light,...

    Keywords: how to save your make up from sweat, summer makeup care, sweat and makeup, Beauty

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    organizing tricks, organizing tips, 5 organizing tips for home, Tricks

    5 organizing tips for home 10 May 2016

    Not just using the things for what they are meant to be, the real creator in you comes out, when you mix up some different and strange combinations. Here are five such organizing tips, that would properly help you to...

    Keywords: organizing tricks, organizing tips for home, organizing tricks, organizing tips

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    DMK, DMK, r k nagar bypoll may not be a cakewalk for dmk ttv pulls tricks out of his hat, Tricks

    R.K Nagar Bypoll May Not Be A Cakewalk For DMK; TTV Pulls Tricks Out Of His Hat 08 April 2017

    The R.K Nagar Bypoll election, may not be a cakewalk for principal opposition, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), as All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) Amma faction candidate, TTV Dhinakaran surprises opponents, by pulling too many tricks out of his...

    Keywords: Jayalalithaa, TTV Dinakaran, AIADMK, AIADMK

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    indian wear, tricks, 5 fashion tricks to look slim, Tricks

    5 Fashion Tricks To Look Slim 21 September 2016

    We all know about the love and desire that most women have for a slimmer body. And, since not everyone is blessed with a naturally slim figure, many of you make a lot of extra efforts to fulfil this desire...

    Keywords: slim look, Fashion, tricks, slim look

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    APNGO's Association Ashok Babu, APNGO's Chairman Ashok Babu, ashok babu to reveal gom s tricks today, Tricks

    Ashok Babu To Reveal GoM's Tricks Today 16 November 2013

    The Chairman Samaikya Parirakshana Vedika and Chairman APNGO's Association Ashok Babu said at Gudi Malkapur Hyderabad on Friday that the deceiving GoM's tricks will be revealed on Saturday. He said that the first meeting of the Samaikya Parirakshna Vedika after...

    Keywords: YSRCP leader Shobha Nagireddy, Samaikya Parirakshna Vedika meeting, GoM's tricks, GoM's tricks

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    monsoon tips, acne latest, tricks to keep your skin acne proof, Tricks

    Tricks to Keep Your Skin Acne Proof 06 September 2019

    Tricks to Keep Your Skin Acne Proof:- Monsoon breeze and cool weather is sure a relief after some hectic summers. However, monsoon comes with humidity which is packed with bacteria which leads to clogged pores. This results in acne, whiteheads...

    Keywords: clogged pores, monsoon tips news, monsoon tips, monsoon tips

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