How to shop smart?

June 11, 2014 18:25
How to shop smart?

Take a quick look at your closet full of black dresses or your rainbow of lipsticks and question yourself: "Did you really need to splurge on another black dress or invest in another pink gloss?”  It's easy to feel frustrated with our buys, even as you continue to pile it on. Instead of  going for the latest and the greatest, follow these four pointers while shopping in the future to make satisfying buys - buys that you won't regret. Here's how.

  • Before you dash to buy that little new dress on the showroom mannequin, pause a while. It's better to compare the prices online or get a friend's feedback or check out few more options before making the intended acquisition. That way you might realize that the must-have dress isn't as worthy as you think.

  • When you are out shopping and spot a must-have, don't make a beeline for the cashier immediately. Instead, take time to feel certain about the item and it's worth. Evaluating your purchases for 24 hours is one surefire way to save yourself from buyer's remorse.

  • Before you invest in another pair of slim fit jeans, use the opportunity as an incentive fto accomplish a personal goal, like losing some weight or finishing a project you've been procrastinating on. That way, you will benefit both ways.

  • You probably  always have a list of things you want to buy. Alongside, make a list of the things you already have -just whatever pops into your head. This will help switch your mindset from mulling over what you don't have to appreciating what you actually have.

(AW: Suchorita Choudhury)

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