Makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider

July 02, 2014 18:33
Makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider

Large eyes are considered to be beautiful. Women with large look beautiful and also considered to be pretty. But not all women are born with large eyes. Read on to know how to use makeup skilfully to make your eyes look bigger.

Conceal dark circles

Dark circles are blemishes you can do without. They reduce your beauty by giving a dull look and also make your eyes look smaller than they actually are. Apply a concealer to make your eyes pop. Use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Also apply the concealer on your skin near the bridge of your nose to get a natural look.

Curly lashes

Thick eyelashes with outward curls make your eyes attractive and beautiful. It gives an illusion of your eyes being larger than they are. Remember to apply a coat or two of mascara for luscious lashes.

Shimmering look

Give a shimmery look to your eyes for the evening parties or dinner date. Apply some sparkling eyeshadow around your eyes and see everyone mesmerised by your looks. Make sure you pat the shimmery eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes.

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