Simple tips to apply nail polish perfectly

June 12, 2015 18:29
Simple tips to apply nail polish perfectly

Nail polish beautifies your nails but applying it neatly is a tricky task. Here are some simple tips to make your nail polish look beautiful. Follow them and enhance your nails beauty. 

Soak your hands for few minutes: To soften your cuticles, soak your hands in warm water for a couple of minutes.

Remove cuticles: Use a cuticle pusher and remove the cuticles. Also, shape your nails before you start off with the process.

Apply a base coat: For your nail paint to stay longer, it is best to apply a base coat first. Apply it from the cuticle and go until the tip of your nails.

Paint your nails: Choose your colour first and then paint your nails from left to right. Don't bother if it goes off your nails. Continue to apply and allow it to dry for four to five minutes.

Apply a second coat: Once it's dried, apply a second coat. Again, don't bother it goes off your nails.

Soak your hand in soap water: Once your nail polish dries, fill some soap water in a small tub and soak your hands in it for a few minutes. Now, brush off the nail polish that went off your nails. Soak for a couple of minutes and then let it dry again.

By Lizitha

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