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  • Intel, Microsoft, windows 8 partially tested before release, Microsoft windows

    Windows 8 partially tested before release 26 September 2012

    There have been rumors that Microsoft Windows 8, the operating system to join the Windows flock, that it would be released on the scheduled date though the testing has not been completed, according to Bloomberg who has quoted that an...

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    Windows Apps, Microsoft Surface Apps, where are the apps in windows 8, Microsoft windows

    Where are the apps in Windows 8? 29 November 2012

    Microsoft has broken all the records of the technology giant from Cupertino, Apple Inc, with the recent launch of its latest OS, Windows 8. Microsoft claims that it has already sold over 40 million licences of Windows 8 in just...

    Keywords: Windows 8 App, Microsoft, Windows Apps, Microsoft Windows 8

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    HTC One, 1080p display, htc one borrows from windows, Microsoft windows

    HTC One borrows from Windows 20 February 2013

    Combine the flexibility of Android Jelly Bean OS and the chic tiled appearance of a Windows phone, and the resulting final product is the HTC One, the latest successor to the flagship HTC One X. HTC has been out of...

    Keywords: HTC M7, ultrapixel, HTC Sense, ultrapixel camera

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    Windows 7, Firefox, will windows 8 meet your needs, Microsoft windows

    Will Windows 8 meet your needs? 26 October 2012

    Microsoft Windows is now releasing Windows 8 as we speak but how much would you benefit from the new OS? Do you have to upgrade to the latest OS or the current version of Windows 7 is better at the...

    Keywords: ARM processors, windows 8 pro, AMD, touchscreen

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    microsoft windows, microsoft, microsoft to release update for windows 8, Microsoft windows

    Microsoft to release update for Windows 8 15 May 2013

    Windows 8 had been one operating system that was hyped up beyond what it could really do. The platform that promised an interface and applications that would bridge the gap between mobile plaforms and computers couldn't do much in fact....

    Keywords: window 8.1, window 8.1, windows blue, windows blue

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    Start Button, Start Button, how microsoft can lose the race with windows 8, Microsoft windows

    How Microsoft can lose the race with Windows 8? 23 October 2012

    Change is inevitable. Change is good but then again, too much of a change all of a sudden can wipe out your race. The same holds true for technology too. Microsoft's latest Windows 8 has been renovated so much that...

    Keywords: Start Button, touchscren devices, touchscren devices, touchscren devices

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    Windows XP, Microsoft, 10 days to go microsoft windows server 2003 on the verge of extinction, Microsoft windows

    10 days to go: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 on the verge of extinction 04 July 2015

    Can a 11-year old mobile compete with the latest smartphone? It cannot. Simply because it cannot perform all the tasks, which a latest smartphone can do.Will you use an old elevator, which doesn’t have any support or maintenance? Just because...

    Keywords: Microsoft, Microsoft, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003

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    Cupertino, Cupertino, windows 8 to hit the markets in october, Microsoft windows

    Windows 8 to hit the markets in October 16 July 2012

    Microsoft has revealed that the newest computers with the next version of Windows would be on sale by October. The announcement was made for the mass market release of the new Windows on Monday in Toronto. However, Microsoft has not...

    Keywords: iPad, Windows 8, Windows 8, Apple

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    Microsoft ends Windows XP, Microsoft ends Windows XP, windows xp ends today, Microsoft windows

    Windows XP ends today 08 April 2014

    After launching in 2001, Microsoft will officially end the operation system Windows XP and no longer the tech giant will issue any official security updates and bug fixes for the operating system. Initially Microsoft named XP as Neptune and later...

    Keywords: Windows Xp, Windows 8, Microsoft ends Windows XP, Microsoft Windows XP

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    Microsoft's Windows 8, Sci-Tech News, microsoft offers 100 off on new windows 8 pcs, Microsoft windows

    Microsoft offers $ 100 off on new Windows 8 PCs 22 March 2014

    Technology giant Microsoft is making efforts to bring people to Windows 8 operating system [OS] and so are offering USD 100 [Approx 6,000] off for the new users. This offer is exclusively for the Window Xp OS users who are...

    Keywords: USD 100 of new Windows 8, Sci-Tech News, Microsoft offers $100 on Windows 8, Microsoft's Windows 8

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    Microsoft, Windows 8.1, google exposes microsoft s bug again, Microsoft windows

    Google exposes Microsoft's bug again! 19 January 2015

    Internet giant, Google has once again exposed the bugs in Microsoft's Windows 7 and 8.1 operating system that it found while examining under its 'Project Zero.' The Redmond giant has been informed regarding the security vulnerabilities and is expected to...

    Keywords: Windows 7, windows 7 bug, Microsoft, Google

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    HTC 8x, HTC, htc 8x htc windows 8 phone in india, Microsoft windows

    HTC 8X: HTC Windows 8 phone in India 02 November 2012

    HTC the leading mobile maker in the market has announced their flagship Windows 8 smartphone, HTC 8X which unlike most flagship mobiles is expected to reach the Indian hands soon after its release, this month. The HTC 8X has excellent...

    Keywords: windows 8 phone, smartphone, smartphone, HTC 8x

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    appfest, windows store, india loves windows 8, Microsoft windows

    India loves Windows 8 03 November 2012

    Only a week after the release of the latest operating system from the software giant, Microsoft, the response was magnificent with the figures pointing out at a great success. The scenario in India is no different the chairman of Microsoft...

    Keywords: appfest, microsoft india, microsoft india, windows store

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    Microsoft Windows 7., operating system, windows 7 tips, Microsoft windows

    Windows 7 tips 08 May 2013

    Microsoft Windows 7 has several handy tips and secrets built into the operating system. Minimizing the multiple opened windows is as easy as Windows+ D which works for whole line of Windows OS but Windows 7 has another special handy...

    Keywords: windows 7 OS tips, Microsoft Windows 7., Windows 7 operating system tips, windows 7

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    Windows 10 free, Windows 10 free, microsoft unveils windows 10, Microsoft windows

    Microsoft unveils Windows 10 22 January 2015

    Technology giant Microsoft has launched its flagship operating system Windows 10 and in a good news to the customers, this OS can be upgraded free for the first year. This is a bold move by Microsoft  as the company will...

    Keywords: Microsoft revenues, Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft, Microsoft cloud

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