• Mangalyaan mission, Narendra Modi, mom never disappoints, Mars orbit

    MOM never disappoints 24 September 2014

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Indian Space Research Organization [ISRO] scientists on the success of Mars Orbiter Mission [MOM].India became the first Asian country to reach Mars and also the first in the world to enter Martian orbit in its...

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    Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), mom launch successful, Mars orbit

    MOM Launch Successful 05 November 2013

    The Mars mission started today at 2.38 pm as scheduled.  The MOM carried by PSLV C-25 to be placed in a long elliptical earth orbit.  The launching was witnessed by Union Minister Narayana swamy, TTD Chairman Kanumuri Bapiraju, ISRO’s former...

    Keywords: PSLV C-25, Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), Mars Orbiter Mission of India Launched, Mars Orbiter Mission of India Launched

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    Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) of India, Mars Orbiter Mission Healthy, mars orbiter mission healthy, Mars orbit

    Mars Orbiter Mission Healthy! 07 November 2013

    After the launch of the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) on Tuesday from Sriharikota, it is keeping good health says ISRO scientists. The satellite is still in the Earth orbit and remains so till December 1. MOM that is to be...

    Keywords: ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network, ISRO Sriharikota, Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), India launches Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)

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    Mars Orbiter Mission, Sriharikota Space Station., all ready for a journey to mars, Mars orbit

    All Ready For A Journey To Mars 04 November 2013

    The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) weighing 1350 kilo grams was given a final check on Saturday and a 56.5 hours countdown was started on Sunday at 6.08 am at Sriharikota.  The MOM will be carried by PSLV C-25 on Tuesday...

    Keywords: Mars Orbiter Mission, All Ready For A Journey To Mars, ISRO Chairman Radhakrishnan, Sriharikota Space Station.

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    Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Life on Mars India's Quest, life on mars india s quest, Mars orbit

    Life on Mars India's Quest 30 October 2013

    Life on other planets always makes interesting news. The thought of it mixed with creativity made hundreds of movies to emerge to allure audience. They are called aliens and usually they are shown as more intelligent and more advanced in...

    Keywords: India's Mars Mission, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), India's Mars Mission, India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)

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    MOM in Earth's orbit, Mars Orbiter Mission called Mangalyaan, mangalyaan beyond moon, Mars orbit

    Mangalyaan Beyond Moon 03 December 2013

    The Mars Orbiter Mission called Mangalyaan that fired on Sunday to give a full boost to go out of the Earth's orbit has now gone beyond moon’s orbit and travelling on its mission to Mars. The MOM now has a...

    Keywords: MOM in Earth's orbit, spacecraft MOM, Moon’s orbit, Moon’s orbit

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    Mars Orbiter Mission, MOM to leave Earth orbit, mom to leave earth orbit today, Mars orbit

    MOM To Leave Earth Orbit Today 30 November 2013

    First Indian Space Voyage To Mars attempted through Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) Indianised name of which is Mangalayan will shoot from the Earth’s influence to go in to the solar system and then to travel towards Mars. If everything goes...

    Keywords: Mars Orbiter Mission, MOM to leave Earth orbit, Inidan first Mars Mission, Inidan first Mars Mission

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    Helen cyclone from Mangalayan, Mangalayan in Earth's orbit, mangalayan s first photograph helen cyclone, Mars orbit

    Mangalayan's First Photograph Helen Cyclone! 22 November 2013

    Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) called Mangalayan that is still in the Earth's orbit has sent the first photograph which is of Helen Cyclone. When the satellite took photographs on 19th, the depression over the Bay of Bengal was getting intensified...

    Keywords: Mangalayan on journey to Mars, Mangalayan launched from Sriharikota, Martian Satellites Phobos Deimos, Helen cyclone from Mangalayan

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    Kareena Kapoor general knowledge, Mars Orbiter Mission, kareena has no clue about mom, Mars orbit

    Kareena has no clue about 'MOM' 26 September 2014

    After Alia Bhatt's general knowledge episode debacle in Karan Johar's talk show 'Koffee with Karan,' there created an impression that celebrities never keep updated about current affairs and also about whats happening in their own country. It was yet again...

    Keywords: Bollywood, Mars Orbiter Mission, ISRO, ISRO

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    martian atmosphere, martian atmosphere, curiosity says martian atmosphere has no life support, Mars orbit

    Curiosity says Martian atmosphere has no life support 21 September 2013

    During Thursday it has come up into prominence that National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (Nasa) Mars rover Curiosity couldn't justify it's investigation for methane in the planet's atmosphere. Methane gas happens to be a strong evidence of life on Earth....

    Keywords: investigation for methane, national aeronautics and space administration, formation of methane, methane gas

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