• infertility, Drugs, life style influences fertility in women, Life style

    Life Style Influences Fertility in Women? 12 December 2013

    Survey says- Yes!  As infertility rate is observed alarmingly, a survey was conducted at Delhi by Dr.Shivani Gour on 100 women in different age groups.  The age groups selected were less than 25 years, 25 to 29 years, 30 to...

    Keywords: disorder in fertility, steroids like DHEA, Dr.Shivani Gour, Indian women

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    sex workers in India, sex workers in India, india vs indonesia widows sex workers life style, Life style

    India vs Indonesia: Widows, sex workers life style 14 September 2015

    Saskia Wieringa, a Dutch activist known for her work on women's same-sex relations and women's empowerment, came out with a few of the facts about the state of widows and sex workers in India, after working for more than 30...

    Keywords: Widows sex workers in India, Widows sex workers in India, sex workers in India, Indian sex workers widows

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    relationship, Unrequited love, he loves you he does not loves you, Life style

    He loves you… he does not loves you? 20 October 2012

    One of the most interesting and yet difficult thing to find out is if your guy is interested in you, loves you or not… Interesting as this is a matter related to heart. Difficult because you still not sure neither...

    Keywords: realties of Unrequited love, life style, behavior of man, connected

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    good diet plan, almonds, healthy life style happy you, Life style

    Healthy life style... happy you 07 January 2013

    You must have known what to eat to be healthy... now, have a look at how you can eat healthy; Keep a check on what are you eating... eat on right time and in right quantity... by this time, you...

    Keywords: butter milk, sandwich, butter milk, health tips

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    managing office work, proud, single working and married women life style, Life style

    Single, working and married women life style 06 April 2013

    Again a good news for us... another reason to be proud... this is a question mark in return to all those who point out at women going out and working and say, women are born to just take care of...

    Keywords: managing office work, single women, working women lfestyle, married women

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    infertility risk increased with lifestyle diseases, Women be aware of life style diseases, lifestyle diseases increases risk of infertility in women, Life style

    Lifestyle diseases increases risk of infertility in women 22 May 2015

    According to the study conducted by fertility expert Kshitiz Murdia of the Indira Infertility Clinic and Test Tube Baby Centre has revealed that “a rise in lifestyle diseases is increasing the risk of infertility among young women”. The study stated...

    Keywords: lifestyle disease risk increases infertility, Lifestyle diseases may cause infertility in women, Women be aware of life style diseases, Women be aware of life style diseases

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    make your eyes appear wider, life style news, makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider, Life style

    Makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider 02 July 2014

    Large eyes are considered to be beautiful. Women with large look beautiful and also considered to be pretty. But not all women are born with large eyes. Read on to know how to use makeup skilfully to make your eyes...

    Keywords: Curly lashes, make your eyes look bigger, make your eyes look bigger, Curly lashes

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    personality, failures, are you cursing yourself, Life style

    Are you cursing yourself? 12 February 2013

    We curse ourselves, we are angry with us, on our inability of not doing or achieving something. That’s it, we consider ourselves as failures, we abuse us and it’s like we hate the way we are. But what is the...

    Keywords: failures, change your life style, change your life style, ourselves

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    attention-bias modification training, depression, an app to control your anxiety, Life style

    An App to control your anxiety 20 March 2014

    Scientists claim that playing a science-based smartphone gaming app for just 25 minutes can reduce anxiety in stressed individuals and so an application [App] for controlling anxiety is getting developed. The app is being developed based on an emerging cognitive...

    Keywords: anxiety level, application to control anxiety, depression, depression

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    Coconut water, Coconut water for hair, coconut water best for hair growth, Life style

    Coconut Water Best for Hair Growth 18 November 2019

    Coconut Water Best for Hair Growth:- Coconut water is rich in several vitamins and minerals which help in several benefits. Coconut water is the best for hair issues which include breakage, split ends, oily scalp, dry scalp and others. Coconut...

    Keywords: Coconut water updates, Coconut water, Coconut water, Coconut water

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    ladies, ladies, fall in love all over again, Life style

    Fall in love... all over again... 16 November 2012

    The spark's faded just a bit. Yes, we all know that it's the general assumption that after  marriage it should be enough that there aren’t any major problems. But what's wrong in wanting more...what's wrong with wanting to feel like...

    Keywords: ladies, favourite band, love relation, ladies

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    Commitment phobia, married man, the lure of the married man, Life style

    The lure of the married man... 31 August 2012

    As a gender, we women are normally sane. We make rational judgements (we are the ones who stop for directions, you know). Why then, do many of us go weak in our knees at the sight of the blighter who...

    Keywords: Commitment phobia, Life style-relationship, Commitment phobia, married man

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    dreams, love, the emotion of actual love, Life style

    The emotion of actual 'love' 01 April 2013

    'love' an emotion that binds two hearts... it is not that we have not known the sweetness and power of love until we have met that someone special in our life... right from our mother to our father to siblings,...

    Keywords: romance, life style, dreams, love

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    sridevi career, sridevi life style, sridevi turns strict bans meat and drinks for bony, Life style

    Sridevi turns strict... bans meat and drinks for Bony... 07 March 2013

    We all are aware of the financial crises being faced by Bony's family from a long time now. Even the fair success of 'English Vinglish' could not help the family to run back to their previous life style. Now, Sridevi...

    Keywords: sridevi life style, bony kapoor, bony kapoor, sridevi latest event

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    New airtel ad, Airtel tv ads, airtel ad sparks uproar, Life style

    Airtel ad sparks uproar! 31 July 2014

    The new commercial of Airtel, the largest telecom service provider of the country has irked many and was claimed as demoralising stuff. The commercial goes like this, a working woman reaches home and cooks for husband. She does a video...

    Keywords: Airtel tv ads, Airtel television commercial, Airtell, Airtell

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    Life style news, Life style news, love hormone makes you lie, Life style

    Love Hormone makes you lie 09 April 2014

    It is carried in a study that 'Love Hormone' Oxytocin makes an individual to lie and promotes dishonesty to benefit their group. The Ben-Gurion University researchers have found out that Oxytocin is a peptide of nine amino acids produced in...

    Keywords: hypothalamus, hypothalamus, Love Hormone makes people dishonesty, Love Hormone makes you lie

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    tiredness, cell phone, ssome more reasons for your tiredness, Life style

    Ssome more reasons for your tiredness... 12 February 2013

    Recently, we spoke about the reasons that cause tiredness, irrespective of maintaining a healthy life style. Here are some more reasons to add upon the same; Too much usage of cell phones will definitely cause tiredness. According to the survey...

    Keywords: work bored, over sleeping, tiredness, drink

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    kind of food we eat, kind of food we eat, get rid of migraine with, Life style

    get rid of migraine with... 24 January 2013

    Constant head ace? Not able to concentrate on daily work at least? And this head ace will not take the name of leaving you for couple of hours and even days, when occurred? Well, this is called migraine. Due to...

    Keywords: occurred, Constant head ace, , our life style

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    How lucky is Buddha for your home, feng shui, how lucky is buddha for your home, Life style

    How lucky is Buddha for your home? 31 January 2014

    Regarded as a lucky charm, the 'Budai' or 'Laughing Buddha' as he is commonly called as, is perhaps one of the most adored and adorned Feng Shui symbols in most homes. But it would be wrong to mistake the cheerful...

    Keywords: good luck charm, lucky charm, laughing buddha, buddha

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    Life Style News, stay happy, get happy in 10 minutes, Life style

    Get happy in 10 minutes 06 January 2014

    Not just life,but even our mood is equally unpredictable and baffling at times. The best way to fight these mood swings is to try and stay cheerful. We tell you three tried-and-tested way to lighten up your mood and be...

    Keywords: Life Style News, Life Style, Happy, Nature

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