Are you cursing yourself?

February 12, 2013 15:42
Are you cursing yourself?

We curse ourselves, we are angry with us, on our inability of not doing or achieving something. That’s it, we consider ourselves as failures, we abuse us and it’s like we hate the way we are. But what is the main cause for this hatred to build up in us???

Some of us want to start exercising regularly, others want to devote some hours in the morning to study, some others want to apply for their dream jobs seriously… like this, we all put up some aim or the other on us… we even set up a target and make all plans to achieve what we want. But, many of us fail in implementing these plans… may be because of our inability to stick on to the time, not getting up when we want to, not able to complete the work in the desired time limit, whatever may be the reason, we end up not implementing what we have planned and this turns to a frustration on ourselves and in return we develop an hatred on us.

Actually speaking this hatred is not on our overall personality but on that one inability... if we work on overcoming this inability and meeting the target, achieving what we wanted to achieve, then there is no question of hatred. Instead the confidence levels in us will increase to such a level that we will be ready for any last moment challenges and un foreseen circumstances.

So, it is all in us, how to make the impossible possible and achieve what we always wanted to…
Get up, get started and be a success…

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