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    Were those the new iPad mini LTE? 01 December 2012

    At a planned heist in world's busiest airports, JKF, NY, a batch of 3,600 new Apple iPad Minis were stolen by two unknown people. The tablets were worth $ 1.5 million in all. Two men casually managed to walk to...

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    cheaper iphone price, lower-cost iphone, cheaper iphone at 300, Ipad mini

    Cheaper iPhone at $300? 20 April 2013

    iPhone 5 has been a premium product that has failed to reach several of the fanboys due to the gouging prices leaving them desiring for a phone in their budget range. Rumors had been rife ever since the release of...

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    iPad mini, iPad mini, ipad mini at affordable prices, Ipad mini

    iPad Mini at affordable prices 11 January 2013

    iPad Mini has been the next thing on the gadget freak minds ever since the iPhone 5 has been launched in India. The premium phone was priced higher than the price of existing top notch models in the markets and...

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    galaxy note 8.0. galaxy note s pen, galaxy note 8.0. galaxy note s pen, samsung galaxy vs apple ipad mini, Ipad mini

    Samsung Galaxy vs Apple iPad Mini 25 February 2013

    Samsung Electronics is making its Galaxy Tablet line up stronger with new players into the segment. This time the target is the Apple iPad's Mini. This is Samsung's foray into the relatively untapped 8 inch form factor. On the paper,...

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    Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Surface, ipad mini what can you expect, Ipad mini

    iPad Mini -What can you expect? 23 October 2012

    We have all speculated that the iPad Mini would be made public today but what we know is very less. Here is what you can expect about the smaller iPad; an intelligent guess. The most obvious is the smaller size....

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    iPad Mini latest updates, iPad Mini news, apple ipad mini review portable with latest technology, Ipad mini

    Apple iPad Mini Review: Portable with Latest Technology 18 April 2019

    Apple iPad Mini Review: Portable with Latest Technology:- iPad Mini holds a special place in the hearts of Apple products lovers. The first generation iPad Mini was announced on October 23rd in the year 2012. Realizing the demand and love...

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    Samsung, , apple ipad mini has no rear camera, Ipad mini

    Apple iPad Mini has no rear-camera 07 August 2012

    Apple iPad Mini's leaked pictures suggested that the 7inch form factor of the most sought after tablet in the electronics world has no camera on the rear side. The picture of the new form factor which was initially opposed by...

    Keywords: Steve Jobs, Samsung, , Apple

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    Windows 8, Microsoft Surface, ipad mini vs microsoft surface, Ipad mini

    iPad Mini vs Microsoft Surface 22 October 2012

    October has not been very exciting, gadget-wise, but only yet. The last third of the month has numerous promises from the tech giants. The biggest and most anticipated one being Mircosoft’s entry into the tablets segment to deal with the...

    Keywords: Microsoft Surface, Apple, Apple, Surface

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    iPad Mini, iPad Mini, ipad mini to hit shelves in october, Ipad mini

    iPad Mini to hit shelves in October? 03 October 2012

    We have all heard rumors about the smaller iPad preparing itself with the weapons and armor to take the tablets in the competition head on but never have we had a specific period during which it would make its presence....

    Keywords: competition, competition, Apple iPad Mini. LG display,

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    Apple, smaller iPad, apple to announce smaller ipad in october, Ipad mini

    Apple to announce smaller iPad in October 27 August 2012

    All Things Digital on Sunday had reported that the smaller version of iPad would be released by Apple in October following the release of its latest flagship mobile iPhone 5 in September; the prebookings for which would start on September...

    Keywords: Apple, , Steve Jobs, Samsung Galaxy

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    Viral video iPad salesman of the year 05 December 2012

    Have you watched the recent video that went viral on Youtube in which a man was selling his fish for cheap prices singing a song. Looks like the artist got lucky with offers from Warner Brothers Music. Another salesman has...

    Keywords: best of youtube, best of youtube, youtube trending videos, one pound fish

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    Kindle fire HD, Apple iPad mini, apple ipad mini a little more to show, Ipad mini

    Apple iPad Mini: A "little" more to show 17 October 2012

    Apple has invited the reporters mentioning that the show they started is not over yet. They taunted them saying, "We've got a little more to show you." However it has not hinted at the gadged they would be unveiling but...

    Keywords: Apple iPad mini, Kindle fire HD, Apple iPad mini, Kindle fire HD

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    iPod, iPad, apple executive sacked for poor maps, Ipad mini

    Apple executive sacked for poor "Maps" 28 November 2012

    In a report from Apple on Tuesday, it mentioned that the supervising executive who "overlooked" the Maps application for the new iOS 6 in all the latest generation smart media devices from Apple viz the Apple iPhone 5, iPad, iPod...

    Keywords: iPod, iPod, iphone 5, iphone 5

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    Apple iPad, 12 inches iPad, apple coming with bigger ipad, Ipad mini

    Apple coming with bigger iPad? 27 August 2014

    The California based, tech giant Apple is planning to come up with bigger iPad in terms of screen size and the production is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2015. Off late, iPad sales have not been that...

    Keywords: Apple, iPad sales, iPhone 6 launch, iPad Air

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    Apple iPhone 5, iPad Mini, ios maps debacle to be forgotten with google maps, Ipad mini

    iOS Maps debacle to be forgotten with Google Maps 13 December 2012

    With Apple users ending up in the sea or in the middle of nowhere while navigating on the Apple Maps; Google has come to the rescue with its own version of Maps which was popular on the rival OS, Android....

    Keywords: , iPad Mini, iPad, iPhone 5

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    Google Nexus 7, Apple, ipad mini a rival to the google nexus 7 to hit the market soon, Ipad mini

    iPad Mini, a rival to the Google Nexus 7, to hit the market soon 05 July 2012

    Apple, the technology giant, has yet another trick up its sleeve-The iPad Mini. Apple has recently expressed that it would soon be releasing its smaller version of the existing iPad in Autumn. This new smaller yet mean machine is expected...

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    ipad mini launched in india, , ipad mini at affordable prices, Ipad mini

    iPad Mini at affordable prices 23 November 2012

    iPad Mini has been the next thing on the gadget freak minds ever since the iPhone 5 has been launched in India. The premium phone was priced higher than the price of existing top notch models in the markets and...

    Keywords: ipad mini price, ipad mini 16gb, ipad mini launched in india, ipad mini price in india

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    iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2, apple accidentally reveals new ipads, Ipad mini

    Apple 'accidentally' reveals new iPads 16 October 2014

    Just 24 hours to launch the new products, Apple accidentally revealed the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 in its iOS 8.1 iPad user guide (which users get within the iBooks app). As the news got spread like virus,...

    Keywords: Burst Mode version, iBooks app, iBooks app, iPad Air 2

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    ipad mini, cheaper iphone, cheaper iphone is coming, Ipad mini

    Cheaper iPhone is coming 08 May 2013

    Smaller and cheaper iPad that was highly awaited was released last year boosting the sales of Apple in the new segment of smaller tablets from the technology giant. However, it was a tad disappointing with the case of the iPhone's...

    Keywords: ipad, ipad mini, iphone 5, ipad mini

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    ipad mini, which tablet to buy, tablets that don t pinch your pockets, Ipad mini

    Tablets that don't pinch your pockets 01 December 2012

    With the number of tablets available in the market rising steadily day after day, the options you have are becoming wider and, better yet, cheaper. The premium products are however staying on top of the line with performance as well...

    Keywords: ipad, ainol crystal, ainol hero, tablets

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