Apple executive sacked for poor "Maps"

November 28, 2012 16:03
Apple executive sacked for poor "Maps"

In a report from Apple on Tuesday, it mentioned that the supervising executive who "overlooked" the Maps application for the new iOS 6 in all the latest generation smart media devices from Apple viz the Apple iPhone 5, iPad, iPod Touch and iPad Mini was fired after failing to develop a decently good, usable app to compete with the rivals.

In the report, it said, Rich Williamson was fired last week in an extension of a reorganization at Apple which begun a month ago. Apple however was not available for comment.

It is no news that Apple had eschewed the popular cartography application, Google Maps and chose to design maps on its own. However, the latest Apple maps could only be described as a blunder to say the least as they often misdirected people with the wrong addresses, poor mapping, and getting you in the middle of nowhere sometimes.

They were so outrageously bad that Apple Maps were mocked by millions while being used as an advertisement for other mapping services as an alternative to Apple.

After the abashing incident, Apple had to make an apology publicly while requesting users to switch to rival services in the mean time they rectified the app.

Apple program immediately drew the ire of users who paid a premium price after they missed out several key landmarks and cities, misidentified locations and distorted images.

(AW- Anil)


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