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    Blue Lagoon Mocktail Recipe 22 June 2016

    Do you love mocktails? Then try this new mocktail Recipe.This is a very colorful and refreshing mocktail that can make any party interesting. It is sweet sour to taste and the sprite in it adds to the flavor. Just add...

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    Jeyendran Jeypal drink drive, Jeyendran Jeypal news, indian origin lawyer fined rs 80 000 for drink driving in singapore, Drink

    Indian Origin Lawyer Fined Rs 80,000 For Drink Driving In Singapore 10 August 2018

    Indian Origin Lawyer Fined Rs 80,000 For Drink Driving In Singapore:- A senior government lawyer in Singapore has been nabbed on Friday for drink driving and has been fined Rs 80,396 (SGD 1600). He has been banned from driving for...

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    Virat Kohli Ads, Virat Kohli, virat kohli turns down multi crore soft drink endorsement deal, Drink

    Virat Kohli Turns Down Multi-Crore Soft Drink Endorsement Deal 15 September 2017

    Virat Kohli Turns Down Multi-Crore Soft Drink Endorsement Deal:- Team India skipper Virat Kohli (28) has yet again turned down a multi-crore offer to endorse a soft drink. And the only reason that is being indicated is Kohli does not...

    Keywords: Virat Kohli Fitness, Virat Kohli Fitness, Virat Kohli Fitness, Soft Drink Endorsement Deal

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    tea or coffee during pregnancy latest, pregnancy women, drinking tea or coffee during pregnancy reduces baby size, Drink

    Drinking Tea Or Coffee During Pregnancy Reduces Baby Size 27 November 2018

    Drinking Tea Or Coffee During Pregnancy Reduces Baby Size:- A recent survey revealed that women who are habitual of drinking tea or coffee during pregnancy are more likely to have small babies. The survey suggested that women who drink less...

    Keywords: tea or coffee during pregnancy news, pregnancy women, tea or coffee during pregnancy updates, tea or coffee during pregnancy latest

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    drinks blood, Ludhiana, ludhiana 16 year old kills brother eats his flesh drinks blood, Drink

    Ludhiana: 16-Year-Old Kills Brother, Eats his Flesh, Drinks Blood 21 January 2017

    In a blizzard incident, a 16-year-old boy has been arrested from for killing a nine-year-old boy. The boy chopped the kids body into six pieces and ate the flesh. He also drank the blood. Police said that "Deepu Kumar had...

    Keywords: cannibalism, Ludhiana, arrest, eats flesh

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    Superfoods Lemon And Ginger, Fat Burner Drink, five best ways to use lemon and ginger for quick weight loss, Drink

    Five Best Ways To Use Lemon And Ginger For Quick Weight Loss 15 September 2017

    Five Best Ways To Use Lemon And Ginger For Quick Weight Loss:- Many weight loss experts and dietitians recommend the two super foods, lemon and ginger to people looking to loose weight faster and in a healthy way. Lemon and...

    Keywords: Lemon And Ginger For Quick Weight Loss, Lemon-Ginger Combination, Health And Wellness, Lemon And Ginger For Quick Weight Loss

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    Jai jail, Balloon, jai issued non bailable warrant in drink and drive case, Drink

    Jai Issued Non-Bailable Warrant In Drink And Drive Case 07 October 2017

    Jai Issued Non-Bailable Warrant In Drink And Drive Case:- Tamil actor Jai has done some decent films in his career. The actor last month rammed into a divider in Chennai after he was drunk. He was arrested by the Chennai...

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    comment, meeting, andhra people will go mad if they don t drink alcohol chandrababu naidu, Drink

    ‘Andhra People Will go Mad If they Don’t Drink Alcohol’: Chandrababu Naidu 06 June 2016

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu made some amusing comments on people drinking alcohol. Addressing people at the Nava Nirmana Deeksha week celebrations, he said that Andhra people will go mad if they do not drink alcohol. He also added that...

    Keywords: bifurcation, Nava Nirmana Deeksha, andhra pradesh, comment

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    Sugary drinks risk, Sugary drinks study, sugary drinks increase the risk of cancer, Drink

    Sugary Drinks Increase the Risk of Cancer 16 July 2019

    A study says that the consumption of sugary drinks will lead to cancer. If you are limiting yourself in sugary drinks consumption, then it is quite good and you will be away from cancer. The worrying factor is the consumption...

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    G Girish Rao drunk drive, G Girish Rao updates, drunk cop rams his car into vehicles three injured, Drink

    Drunk Cop Rams His Car Into Vehicles: Three Injured 30 January 2018

    Drunk Cop Rams His Car Into Vehicles: Three Injured:- With Hyderabad cops taking stringent action against drunkards who have been hitting the roads in the city, things seemed to be unstoppable. The number of drink and drive cases have been...

    Keywords: G Girish Rao case registered, G Girish Rao updates, G Girish Rao case registered, G Girish Rao latest

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    Krishna Water, Pothireddypadu Head Regulator, ap asked to stop drawal of krishna water from pothireddypadu, Drink

    AP Asked To Stop Drawal Of Krishna Water From Pothireddypadu 04 October 2017

    AP Asked To Stop Drawal Of Krishna Water From Pothireddypadu:- In a major setback to Andhra Pradesh in water sharing with Telangana, the AP government has been instructed by the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) on Tuesday to stop drawal...

    Keywords: Andhra Pradesh Drinking Water, Andhra Pradesh Drinking Water, Krishna Water, Pothireddypadu Head Regulator

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    wine recipes, Game time Chilada recipe, game time chilada recipe, Drink

    Game Time Chilada recipe 03 May 2016

    Game Time Chilada occupies significant place in the top list, among the several popular wine and beverages recipes. So, not wasting any more time, let us get to know the recipe of this popular drink. Servings- 1 Ingredients  - 1 Tbsp...

    Keywords: game time drink recipe, wine and beverages recipes, game time drink recipe, Game time Chilada recipe

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    Dr Arvind Panagariya, Dr Arvind Panagariya, telangana s bhagiratha inspires centre s policy, Drink

    Telangana’s ‘Bhagiratha’ inspires Centre’s policy 14 April 2016

    Telangana government’s giant initiative can be a role model for other States in addressing drinking water crisis, said NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Dr Arvind Panagariya. He  said that the Aayog will request the Centre to offer funds for the Mission...

    Keywords: Bhagiratha, Bhagiratha, Bhagiratha, Dr Arvind Panagariya

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    health, health, diet coke will not help prevent diabetes, Drink

    Diet Coke Will Not Help Prevent Diabetes 21 October 2016

    Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy and avoid many foods and drinks which contain more amount of fat or carbohydrate. But if one have sugary drinks for their diet alternative this can also cause of more calorie intake. Yes,...

    Keywords: health, diet drinks, sugar, Diabetes

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    Funny Jokes, IPad, making apple juice by ipad, Drink

    Making Apple Juice by IPad 26 May 2017

    Hey Dave ! Don't talk to me Why, What did I do? Last night you were so drunk you got my iPad and put it in the blender. Really????? Yeah, and you said you were making apple juice.

    Keywords: Husband Wife Jokes, IPad, Jokes, Making Apple Juice

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    Water, Tips, 5 benefits of drinking water, Drink

    5 Benefits of Drinking Water 09 June 2016

    The benefits of drinking water have been much discussed. But people still don’t drink water till they eat there meal. This can cause many health issue.So, here are 5 facts of drinking water which you didn’t know: 1) Drink Water!...

    Keywords: Water, benefits, Water, Water

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    Telangana latest news, Ramya accident, tragedy continues in ramya s family, Drink

    Tragedy Continues in Ramya’s Family 18 July 2016

    Panjagutta road accident created a huge sensation and left three families in tragedy. The incident took place on July 1st after a batch of drunk youth hit a car which left to the demise of Ramesh on spot. 6 years...

    Keywords: Telangana updates, Telangana latest news, drink and drive news, Ramya accident

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    traffic police, traffic police, no case booked on professionals says traffic police, Drink

    No Case Booked on Professionals Says Traffic Police 13 September 2016

    Hyderabad traffic police were shocked after they found out how there has been a huge fall in the number of drunk driving cases being booked against professionals like teachers, doctors, bank and software company employees.Indian Medical Association dean Dr. P....

    Keywords: drink and drive, case, traffic police, Hyderabad

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    Pradeep Machiraju drink and drive, Pradeep Machiraju, pradeep machiraju finally admits his mistake, Drink

    Pradeep Machiraju Finally Admits His Mistake 05 January 2018

    Pradeep Machiraju Finally Admits His Mistake:- Star anchor Pradeep Machiraju has been quite busy with tv shows, celebrity interviews and films which made him one among the highest paid hosts across the circles of Telugu states. Pradeep Machiraju never landed...

    Keywords: Pradeep Machiraju latest, Pradeep Machiraju case, Pradeep Machiraju updates, Pradeep Machiraju video

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    drinking water shortage, drinking water shortage, acute water shortage in naidu s constituency, Drink

    Acute water shortage in Naidu’s constituency 26 April 2016

    Naidu’s constituency is facing acute water shortage due to the unusual temperature rise in Kuppam, Chittoor district. The fall in ground water levels at many places also added to the crisis. The water shortage is becoming a cause for concern...

    Keywords: Chandrababu Naidu, Chandrababu Naidu, drinking water shortage, Water crisis in Kuppam

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