When should you Drink Water while Eating?

March 02, 2021 17:17
When should you Drink Water while Eating?

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When should you Drink Water while Eating?:- Everyone has their own routine and daily habits. As per the Ayurvedic studies, your daily routine makes a lot of difference to the way you live and some of them even help to battle health issues for a time. Drinking water is one of the best habits and the amount of water taken per day makes a difference. There are regular debates that take place about if it is right to take water after the end of a meal. Ayurvedic Practitioner Dr Aiswarya Santosh explained about this through her Instagram page.

She says that drinking water sip by sip during the meal is the best thing and drinking water before a meal can lead to emaciation and weakness. Drinking water after completing the meal can lead to obesity. It is heard that taking warm water with the meals would be the best for a good digestion. It is also recommended to take a concoction of herbs in water for better digestion. It is also advised to add dry ginger powder, babool, fennel seeds or vetiver roots.

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