• K V Ramana Chary, release, bonalu festival brochure released in hyderabad, Bonalu

    Bonalu festival Brochure Released in Hyderabad 12 July 2016

    K V Ramana Chary, Government advisor released Akkanna Madanna Mahankali Bonalu festival brochure of the old city at his chambers in Secretariat in Hyderabad on Monday . He also sought blessings of Ammavaru for peaceful completion of Bonalu festival in...

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    Rangam Prediction, Secunderabad, mahankali rangam predicts prosperity to telangana, Bonalu

    Mahankali Rangam Predicts Prosperity To Telangana 10 July 2017

    Mahankali Rangam Predicts Prosperity To Telangana:- During the Bonalu festivities on Monday, the Oracle at the Sri Ujjaini Mahankali Temple in Hyderabad, has predicted that the State will receive rains on time this year, while its people will live happily...

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    Nizamabad MP, TAUK, telangana nris celebrate bonalu in west london, Bonalu

    Telangana NRIs Celebrate “Bonalu” In West London 27 June 2017

    Telangana NRIs Celebrate “Bonalu” In West London:- A press statement issued on Tuesday said, the NRI group of the Telangana Association of United Kingdom (TAUK) conducted Bonalu celebrations on a grand scale. In the auditorium of the Isleworth and Syon...

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    TDP, Bonalu, babu uses bonalu to lure t voters, Bonalu

    Babu uses Bonalu to lure T voters 09 July 2012

    TDP, which is doing its best for coming back to power in 2014, is presumably aiming the larger section of voters. The party supremo Chandrababu Naidu, who said maximum importance will be given to BC communities, made yet another statement...

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    Ujjaini Mahankali Rangam, Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, ujjaini mahankali rangam program, Bonalu

    Ujjaini Mahankali Rangam Program 29 July 2013

    As the Bonalu festival reached second day Rangam will be organized today at Secunderabad Ujjaini Mahankali temple. In the Rangam program, it is believed that the deity will speak through an unmarried girl at the main entrance of the temple. ...

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    Bonalu, Bonam, bonalu the famous festival of telangana, Bonalu

    Bonalu - The Famous Festival Of Telangana 08 July 2017

    Bonalu - The Famous Festival Of Telangana:- The famous Hindu festival of Telangana State, where Goddess Mahakali is worshiped, is the Bonalu festival or Goddess Mahankali Bonalu. It is an annual festival celebrated in the twin Cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad...

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    Lal Darwaza Bonalu, temples in old city, stage set for lal darwaza bonalu, Bonalu

    Stage set for Lal Darwaza Bonalu 14 July 2012

    Lal Darwaza Bonalu in old-city, which hold mirror upto Telangana culture, will be celebrated on Sunday with much pomp and geity. The stage has been set for the festival wherein scores of women offer bonam (prasad) to Goddess Shakti (Mahankali)....

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    Peddamma, Peddamma, bonalu started with pomp and fervor, Bonalu

    Bonalu started with pomp and fervor 15 July 2013

    Bonalu was performed with pomp and fervor on Sunday at Golconda. Golconda fort was thronged by devotees who presented Bonalu to the deity.  The month long Bonalu at different places of Hyderabad and Secunderabad is the local festival that is...

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    Golconda Jagadamba Temple, Golconda Jagadamba Temple, telangana s famous festival to start on june 25, Bonalu

    Telangana’s Famous Festival To Start On June 25 22 June 2017

    Telangana’s Famous Festival To Start On June 25:- The popular annual festival to worship goddess Mahankali, “Bonalu Jatara” of the Telangana State is all set to start on “June 25”. The “Bonam” would be offered first at Golconda Jagadamba temple...

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    Bonalu festival, people of Telangana, bonalu starts from 11th, Bonalu

    Bonalu Starts From 11th 02 July 2013

    Bonalu festival a special and important one for the people of Telangana who observe it with devotion will start on 11th in Hyderabad and ends on 5th August after Rangam.   The State Minister Gita Reddy said that the State...

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    , mahankali temples, bonalu festive celebrations peaceful, Bonalu

    Bonalu festive celebrations peaceful 16 July 2012

    Hyderabad is gripped with fervor while celebrating the Bonalu festival. The festive celebrations gained prominence as the Ashadam month was coming to an end. Most Goddess temples in the twin cities were filled with devotees. Since the beginning, Bonalu was...

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    Hyderabad, celebrations, ashadam bonalu festival begins in hyderabad, Bonalu

    Ashadam Bonalu Festival Begins in Hyderabad 08 July 2016

    The Ashadam’ Bonalu festivitival began at the Jagadamba Mahankali temple on Thursday in Hyderabad.A Procession called ‘Ghatam’ was started from Langar Houz. Women were seen participating in large numbers. They carried decorated pots, on their head filled with jaggery and...

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    Mahankali Bonalu, Secunderabad, city decked up for bonalu feast this weekend, Bonalu

    City Decked Up For Bonalu Feast This Weekend 07 July 2017

    City Decked Up For Bonalu Feast This Weekend:- The bonalu celebrations, amidst devotional fervor and traditional pomp, started with the Ujjaini Mahankali Jatara in Secunderabad on Friday. According to Executive Officer of Ujjaini Mahankali Temple, S. Annapoorna, during final phase...

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    temples in Hyderabad, Lal Darwaza Bonalu, devotees throng temples on the eve of lal darwaza bonalu, Bonalu

    Devotees throng temples on the eve of Lal Darwaza Bonalu 15 July 2012

    On the eve of Lal Darwaza Bonalu festival today, a large number of devotees have thronged the temples in Hyderabad.  Right from early morning, devotees carried bonam (prasad) on their heads to offer it to Goddess Mahankali. Lal Darwaza Bonalu...

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    Lal Darwaza temple committee, state festival, temple committee demands govt to declare bonalu as state fest, Bonalu

    Temple committee demands govt to declare Bonalu as state fest 11 July 2012

    Lal Darwaza temple committee in Hyderabad has demanded the state government to declared Bonalu as the state festival. The committee representatives have expressed their anguish over the apathetic approach of the goverment. Despite handing over a request letter for declaring...

    Keywords: Salarjung Museum, Bonalu festival, Lal Darwaza temple committee, Salarjung Museum

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    Warangal Bhadrakali, Vijayawada Kanaka Durga, mahankali bonalu started, Bonalu

    Mahankali Bonalu Started 28 July 2013

    Bonalu of Goddess Ujjaini Mahankali Secunderabad started with pomp and fervor.   Devotees are allowed to have her darshan after Maha arathi was given.    Devotees were waiting in the queues since 1.00 am to have darshan of the deity.   The...

    Keywords: Vijayawada Kanaka Durga, Month Ashada, Bonalu, secunderabad Mahankali Bonalu Started

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    police commissioner Anurag Sharma, Ramzan preparations in Hyderabad, city prepares for bonalu ramzan, Bonalu

    City prepares for Bonalu, Ramzan 05 July 2013

    After a gap of nearly 33 years, two very important festivals Bonalu and Ramzan are coinciding in the city. As celebrations ensue, Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy has assured of strict maintenance of law and order. Keeping the festival...

    Keywords: Hyderabad city police commissioner, Asaduddin Owaisi, Ramazan, Asaduddin Owaisi

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    Bonalu latest, Telangana Bonalu, telangana celebrating bonalu in style, Bonalu

    Telangana Celebrating Bonalu in Style 27 July 2019

    Telangana Celebrating Bonalu in Style:- Bonalu happens to be the traditional festival of Telangana state. Bonalu popularly known as Mahankali bonalu happens before Dasara and is a variation of durga matha festival. It is celebrated in twin cities Hyderabad and...

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    Bonalu new rules, Bonalu new updates, telangana government releases new guidelines for bonalu festival, Bonalu

    Telangana Government Releases New Guidelines For Bonalu Festival 23 June 2020

    Telangana Government Releases New Guidelines For Bonalu Festival:- The traditional festival of Telangana state, Bonalu will start soon. This year there would be several restrictions because of the ongoing coronavirus. The scare is even higher in the limits of GHMC...

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    bonalu festival, temples in Hyderabad, devotees throng temples on the eve of lal darwaza bonalu, Bonalu

    Devotees throng temples on the eve of Lal Darwaza Bonalu 15 July 2012

    On the eve of Lal Darwaza Bonalu festival today, a large number of devotees have thronged the temples in Hyderabad.  Right from early morning, devotees carried bonam (prasad) on their heads to offer it to Goddess Mahankali. Lal Darwaza Bonalu...

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