• weird news, Ukraine couple train accident, wild love on train tracks lead to woman s death, Behavior

    Wild love on train tracks lead to woman's death 30 September 2013

    A couple in Ukraine got the bright idea to have a wild romantic night on the train tracks, which only led to a train wreck. While making passionate love on the rail tracks, a train appeared out the blue and...

    Keywords: weird news, woman killed on tracks, Couple ran over by train, weird news

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    aesthetics, fresh flowers, bring freshness to life with flowers, Behavior

    Bring freshness to life with flowers 23 December 2013

    Did you know keeping fresh flowers at home not only adds to the aesthetics of your décor, but also enhances your mood? A behavioral research study reveals that people feel more compassionate toward others, have less worry and anxiety, and...

    Keywords: Tips Of Lifestyle, boost of energy, kitchen, fresh flowers

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    Rio Olympics Star, PV Sindhu, pv sindhu lashes out over rude behavior of indigo airlines employee, Behavior

    PV Sindhu Lashes Out Over Rude Behavior Of Indigo Airlines Employee 04 November 2017

    PV Sindhu Lashes Out Over Rude Behavior Of Indigo Airlines Employee:- The Rio Olympics silver-medallist, PV Sindhu lashed out over the rude behaviour of an employee of Indigo Airlines she faced, when travelling to Mumbai. The ace-badminton star further took...

    Keywords: Indigo Airlines, Rio Olympics Star, Rio Olympics Star, Indigo Airlines

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    Multiple identities, Multiple identities updates, multiple identities can help children perform well, Behavior

    Multiple Identities Can Help Children Perform Well 04 July 2019

    Researchers from Duke University in the US said that children who have been active showing so many identities have been more flexible and thought about the race and other groupings. This is a behavior that could be valuable in a...

    Keywords: Multiple identities, children latest, children news, Multiple identities updates

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    Indigo rude behavior, Indigo, indigo apologies after their staff assaults a passenger, Behavior

    Indigo Apologies After Their Staff Assaults A Passenger 08 November 2017

    Indigo Apologies After Their Staff Assaults A Passenger:- A video has been trending across the social media last night which showcases the staff of Indigo airlines manhandling a passenger. This created a stir and the airlines has been criticised by...

    Keywords: Indigo airlines, Indigo airlines, Indigo airlines, Indigo airlines

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    viral videos, drunk police train, viral drunken police behavior in public train, Behavior

    Viral: Drunken police behavior in public train 24 August 2015

    Police cornered by the media and exposing it to public through their TV channels, is an old fashion. In fact, it is also risky, as they need huge cameras and other setup. Also read: Two women tore each other clothes for...

    Keywords: police drunk in train, drunk police train, police drunk in train, drunk police train

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    Balayya unruly behavior in Nandyal, Hindupur MLA, actor politician balakrishna slaps tdp man in nandyal, Behavior

    Actor-Politician Balakrishna Slaps TDP Man In Nandyal 17 August 2017

    Actor-Politician Balakrishna Slaps TDP Man In Nandyal:- Senior actor and Hindupur MLA, Nandamuri Balakrishna is once again in the news for his unruly behavior and his real avatar is revealed yet again. While AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and...

    Keywords: Balakrishna Slaps a Fan, Balakrishna Slaps a Fan, Balayya unruly behavior in Nandyal, Balayya unruly behavior in Nandyal

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    temptation, confidence, different personalities similar thoughts, Behavior

    Different personalities... Similar thoughts? 18 June 2013

    Everyone one of us are different from one another, similarly, our way of dealing different people with different mind sets has to differ. After all, how would I know which the better way to deal with people is and how...

    Keywords: temptation, temptation, similar thoughts, negative thinking

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    parents kids, parenting, the art of parenting, Behavior

    The art of parenting 16 April 2013

    We like to be called as 'strict parents' by our kids. But it is known by now that not by being tough but by understanding and giving importance to kid's thoughts and actions, we can ensure a better growth of...

    Keywords: kids care, kids thoughts, parents kids, parenting

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    how to handle child’s behavior, parent’s responsibility towards kids, neglected kids are susceptible to poor social behavior, Behavior

    Neglected kids are susceptible to poor social behavior 23 April 2015

    Love your child and provide their basic needs as lack of them may affect social behavior of your child. It was proved by the researchers of Patricia Logan-Greene from University at Buffalo in New York. The study is forthcoming in...

    Keywords: kids behavior affected if neglected, child behavior depends on parents, kids social behavior is effected by parents care, kids behavior affected if neglected

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    Kajal Agarwal affair, Kajal Agarwal, kajal s clarification ileana s confirmation, Behavior

    Kajal's clarification, Ileana's confirmation 27 September 2013

    Actresses, lately, seem to be on a Tollywood bashing mode. It all started with Kajal when she denied big budget films with top actors. Additionally, Ileana's comments to the Bollywood media were too surprising to ignore. To questions about alleged...

    Keywords: Kajal Agarwal affair, Kajal marriage, Ileana comments on Tollywood, Kajal marriage

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    couples, parents, attachment, Behavior

    Attachment 18 June 2013

    Attachment is nothing but the ways we relate to others based on the communications and behavior we exchange with our parents. After grow up you can build healthier, attuned relationships, and communicate more effectively. The emotional attachment that grew between...

    Keywords: partner, motherhood, parents, responsibilities

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    heart rhythm helps to take right decisions, heartbeat linked to behavioral changes, listening to your heart beat may control your behavior, Behavior

    Listening to your heart beat may control your behavior 22 April 2015

    Do you know that our emotions and decisions are linked to our heart beat? It was proved by international team of researchers from University of Cambridge. “Follow your heart” has become something of a cliche, but we know that, consciously...

    Keywords: heart rhythm effects our emotions, heartbeat linked to behavioral changes, heartbeat is effected on behavior, heart rhythm helps to take right decisions

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    Shiv Sena MPs misbehavior, Maharashtra Sadan, shiv sena mps force muslim to eat, Behavior

    Shiv Sena MPs force Muslim to eat! 23 July 2014

    Around 11 Shiv Sena Parliamentarians allegedly forced a Muslim catering supervisor to eat chapathi who was fasting for Ramzan at the Maharashtra Sadan in New Delhi last week. Apparently the MPs were not happy with the food and forced the...

    Keywords: IRCTC, Shiv Sena MPs, Indian Railways, Maharashtra Sadan

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    disorders of fatty food intake, effect of diet on health, gut bacteria increases risk of depression impaired memory, Behavior

    Gut bacteria increases risk of depression, impaired memory 28 March 2015

    A study recently published in the journal Biological Psychiatry revealed that a high-fat diet produces changes in health and behavior (partly) by altering a person’s gut microbiota. To know whether bacteria in the gut can alter behavioral patterns, even in...

    Keywords: behavioral changes on taking fatty food, fatty food causes depression, effect of diet on health, disorders of fatty food intake

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    Char Dham Yatra, AP Pilgrims At Badirnath, 350 telugus still waiting at badrinath, Behavior

    350 Telugus Still Waiting At Badrinath 26 June 2013

    Reports came that about 350 Telugu people are still waiting for help at Badrinath.   They are expressing their anguish for the apathy shown by authorities and for not receiving any help from the Government.   The Telugu pilgrims, struck up...

    Keywords: Rescue Helicopters, AP Pilgrims At Badirnath, AP Pilgrims At Badirnath, AP Pilgrims At Badirnath

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    generation possess, jealous, how to handle jealousy, Behavior

    How to handle Jealousy.. 01 April 2013

    Right from 'puraanaas' to people around us, irrespective of the life style, education and the behavioral traits, may be at the work place or at home amongst our loved ones itself, may be in a reality show or in a...

    Keywords: different lifestyles, generation possess, generation possess, kind of mindset

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    kids school, kids at homework, be a best friend for your kid, Behavior

    Be a best friend for your kid 09 April 2013

    A mother's role in shaping up the kid to be a best individual, possessing right behavior and thought process at the right time is considered to be most important. But in the name of discipline, we are just imposing rules...

    Keywords: kids school, women hood, kids behavioral traits, kids school

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    apathetic behavior, Passengers in Kurnool Bus station, kurnool bus station in turmoil, Behavior

    Kurnool Bus Station in turmoil 04 June 2013

    Passengers in Kurnool Bus station protested for the apathetic behavior of the RTC staff.  No bus service was there from Kurnool since 10.00 pm to Hyderabad.  RTC employees did not do anything for although 300 passengers were stranded there. The...

    Keywords: protested, Kurnool to Hyderabad, Kurnool Bus Station in turmoil, No bus service

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    Blue Cross, human beings, no time to care for environment, Behavior

    No Time To Care For Environment? 05 June 2013

    Akkineni Amala Co founder of Blue Cross of Hyderabad has expressed her worry about the behavior of human beings towards other species on Earth. Blue Cross of Hyderabad was founded in 1992 by Akkineni Nagarjuna and Amala to work for...

    Keywords: welfare of animals, animals and birds, behavior of human beings, behavior of human beings

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